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Our recommendations

Short Leather necklace with several pendants

C 780

99,00 EUR
Silver necklace with several pendants

C 781

119,00 EUR
Short silver necklace with several pendants

C 762

219,00 EUR
Silver necklace with several pendants

C 788

139,00 EUR
Bracelet with silver coins and braided leather


79,00 EUR
Casual bracelet made of leather with silver and crystal beads

P 986

79,00 EUR
Leather Bracelet from UNO de 50 with tubes and charms

P 979

69,00 EUR
Silver cuff bracelet with a red Swarovski stone


129,00 EUR
Find the best selection in spanish designer jewellery, cool, stylish and unique is our silver jewellery. We carry the leading spanish jewellery brands, such as UNO de 50, Plata Pura, Sin Receta, Ciclon Jewellery, XXL Hardwear and Coolskin.

New products

Leather Bracelet with skull


34,90 EUR
Leather necklace - Fatimas Hand


45,90 EUR
Silver Necklace with ships wheel and skull


31,90 EUR
Leather Bracelet with 3 skulls


37,50 EUR
Earrings with Swarovski stone

PEN 376

79,00 EUR

PPA 91

88,00 EUR
Colorful scarf


17,00 EUR
Silver Bracelet with resin stone

Pulsera lágrima y bolas

57,00 EUR


A 5263

A 5263

instead 20,90 EUR
only 9,90 EUR

P 1733

P 1733

instead 32,40 EUR
only 27,90 EUR

S 7903

S 7903

instead 24,50 EUR
only 19,90 EUR



instead 33,90 EUR
only 24,90 EUR

A 26

A 26

instead 18,90 EUR
only 15,90 EUR

P 1728

P 1728

instead 33,70 EUR
only 29,90 EUR



instead 37,95 EUR
only 29,95 EUR

Bisu 102

Bisu 102

instead 15,90 EUR
only 12,90 EUR