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Find the best spanish jewellery designer brands at Livit Barcelona

Welcome to Livit! It is a pleasure welcoming you to our Online Jewellery Shop.

Livit Barcelona is the premier Shop for unique, crafted spanish jewellery.
Livit is the source for the latest jewellery trends and focuses on chunky silver and leather jewellery.
Our jewellery collections may be rebellious and are geared toward the fashion conscious individual.

Inspirational silver jewellery from UNO de 50

Silver cuff bracelet with a Swarovski stone

P1203 RS

159,00 EUR
Casual bracelet with leather laces and Murano crystal beads


99,00 EUR
Casual bracelet with leather laces and Murano crystal beads


99,00 EUR
Silver chain link bracelet with charms


79,00 EUR
The gender ring, masculine and feminine

A 427

49,00 EUR
Long silver necklace battle of the sexes

C 898

139,00 EUR
Ring with large rounded and geometrically cut of Swarovski crystal

A 387

89,00 EUR
Leather Necklace with Swarovski stone

C 763

149,00 EUR
We are constantly updating our jewellery collection with new styles. Don't miss out on the latest trends and new brands! We carry the leading spanish jewellery brands, such as UNO de 50, Plata Pura, Sin Receta, Ciclon Jewellery, XXL Hardwear and Coolskin. Check out our fantastic jewellery collection for women and men.

8 statement pieces from our new jewellery collection

Short silver necklace with several pendants

C 882

69,00 EUR
Bracelet with black lava rock beads


33,90 EUR
Scuba Diver Necklace

C 890

229,00 EUR
Stones of purificacion and good luck


27,90 EUR
Silver Hoop earrings with leather surrounded

PEN 410

69,00 EUR
Bracelet with cristales y turquoise gems, stones of purificacion and good luck


29,90 EUR
Silver Chain Bracelet with Leather


35,90 EUR
Multi Chain link bracelet with om pendant


41,90 EUR

Selected jewellery to bargain prices

S 7903

S 7903

24,50 EUR
14,90 EUR

S 8050

S 8050

34,90 EUR
19,90 EUR

S 7876

S 7876

22,95 EUR
19,95 EUR

C 8675

C 8675

36,90 EUR
21,90 EUR


S 8153

24,95 EUR
19,95 EUR

PM 204

PM 204

89,00 EUR
59,00 EUR



16,90 EUR
8,45 EUR

S 7887 - Euro 34,90

S 7887 - Euro 34,90

34,90 EUR
17,90 EUR

In our specials section you will get our top jewellery brands to terrific bargain prices. Receive our top quality jewellery, great service and fast shipping we are known for.