A142505 - Embossed Silver Ring
23,90 EUR
only 19,90 EUR
A171503 - Ring Large Crystal
Silver-plated ring from Ciclon with a large Murano crystal
32,50 EUR
Ring with silver pearls, interwoven with brown, knotted cotton laces, creating a flower-like appearance
29,90 EUR
only 19,90 EUR

Bracelet with silver plated chain und silver und Murano crystal charms

39,00 EUR
L 4103
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19,50 EUR
20,90 EUR
A171504 PL

Stunning double silver ring, Original silver beads, mounted in silver-plated metal

29,90 EUR

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rhombus shaped charms

36,40 EUR

Murano crystal earrings with hanging silver chains made by Ciclon jewellery

23,15 EUR
E171620 - Parrot Earrings

Earrings with silver beads and Murano crystal pearl connected by leather lace

24,90 EUR
only 19,95 EUR
P172109 - Three Tier Silver Beaded Bracelet

Multi strand silver beaded bracelet. The beads are plated in 925 silver

59,80 EUR
A182505 - Ring Scales

Silver Band Ring in scales optic, hand-crafted in silver-plated metal. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon

28,90 EUR
A161503 PL
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25,50 EUR
P 1783
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32,50 EUR
only 19,95 EUR

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rhombus shaped charms

46,80 EUR
only 39,90 EUR

Fine silver bead necklace with two leaf shaped pendants, one made of Murano crystal, one engraved silver tag - Pura Vida. The Murano crystal comes in color dark gray.

27,30 EUR

Multi strand leather necklace made of silver plated beads and Murano crystals and pendants in form of hearts

59,90 EUR
only 49,90 EUR

Silver bead necklace with grape style resin pendants

47,35 EUR
only 34,95 EUR
A145317 - Ring Black Cabochon
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25,00 EUR
only 19,95 EUR
P182114 - Stretch Charm Bracelet
Attractive silver stretch bracelet with dangling pearls and multiple rings and charms dispersed around the jewel. The creative irregular beads and links are plated in 925 silver, made by Ciclon
40,50 EUR
A 5303
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23,40 EUR
only 14,90 EUR
30,20 EUR

Chic Multistrand leather bracelet made of silver plated beads, combined with leather laces

34,05 EUR
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