Beaded leather Bracelet from UNOde50
Wrap Bracelet
Bracelet/Choker - Boluda
Bracelet/Choker - Boluda
Preview: Beaded leather Bracelet from UNOde50
Preview: Wrap Bracelet
Preview: Bracelet/Choker - Boluda
Preview: Bracelet/Choker - Boluda

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Stretch Pearl Bracelet - Tandem

Elastic silver bracelet with double rows of beads and two tubular pieces of silver plated metal. Designed and made by the jeweler UNOde50

105,00 EUR
Ball Pearl Leather Bracelet - Rodando Voy

Chic brown leather cord bracelet with silver plated ball pearls of irregular size and shapes. The piece comes with an original beret-style clasp and conveys a casual look

60,00 EUR