Knot shaped silver ring

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Silver Ring Threads - The Tribe

Wide silver ring in an original structure with striking reliefs and engravings of rolled threads. Silver plated jewel with a differential design handcrafted by UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
Only 62,10 EUR
Snake Wire Bracelet

Multi strand snake chain silver bracelet in an original design.

our price 55,00 EUR
Your price 49,50 EUR
savings 10%
Sculpted Silver Ring

Carved silver ring by byg, silver-plated ring, hand-crafted in Spain

our price 31,90 EUR
Your price 28,71 EUR
savings 10%

This product is similar to:

Curved Ring with Ball - Ojala

Wide curved silver ring in a matt silver design. Ring from UNO de 50

59,00 EUR
Only 53,10 EUR
Leather Cuff Bracelet - Stitched
Brown leather wristband adorned with a stitched silver clasp. The silver plated bracelet is designed and crafted by B&G
our price 41,90 EUR
Your price 37,71 EUR
savings 10%