Leather Silver Arc Bracelet

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Bracelet Cuir 3 Cramps - 1 2 3 UP
Casual masculine bracelet with various leather strings and three silver plated metal cramps. Designed and handcrafted by UNOde50
69,00 EUR
Blue Donut Bracelet
Unisex smooth blue leather bracelet with silver-plated, donut-shaped loops all connected to each other in a braided form with blue threads. Designed and crafted by UNOde50
65,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR

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Double Bracelet Crystal - Adventure

Double cord leather bracelet designed with handcrafted silver plated beads of different sizes, some of those with the shape of a wheat grain. The combination with pink colour crystals make this bracelet to a different and original jewel

49,00 EUR