Fish Hook Silver Earrings Anchor Pendant

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Color Beaded Leather Earrings - Rosalia
Long earrings with silver and color beads and a rhombus charm at the end connected by leather lace
25,95 EUR
Only 23,36 EUR

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Open Silver Bangle - Cayo Largo
Silver bangle bracelet with a structure of in the shape of a fish tail, carrying a focal spring clasp design, which allows it to be easily put on and taken off your wrist. Made by Ciclon
39,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR

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Rounded Fish Hook Earrings - Solano
Earrings silver plated with a round Murano glass crystal and a fish hook closure. Designed and manufactured by Ciclon
our price 23,95 EUR
Your price 21,56 EUR
savings 10%
Long Ear Hoops - Equus

Long fish hook earrings made of silver plated metal and hoops at the end. The perfect pair of earrings of the new collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 24,50 EUR
Your price 22,05 EUR
savings 10%
Oval Ring - Pome

Ring made of silver plated metal in a square shaped form, created with a hole in the center. Stunning silver plated ring of the new Botanic Sense Collection made by Ciclon

our price 40,90 EUR
Your price 36,81 EUR
savings 10%
Armour Shield Ring - Singular
Silver Ring in form of an armoured shield composed in silver plated metal. Standout jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. 
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Your price 35,55 EUR
savings 10%