Long Silver Chain Necklace Opulent Links

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Silver Link Bracelet - Peculiar
Atypical chain link bracelet made of wide silver plated artful designed loops, made by Ciclon Jewellery. The length is regulated with a wide silver-plated metal chain.
our price 31,90 EUR
Your price 28,71 EUR
savings 10%
Irregular Silver Link Bracelet - Inimitable

Silver hoop chain bracelet made of silver plated irregular rounded links, made by Ciclon Jewellery

our price 31,90 EUR
Your price 28,71 EUR
savings 10%
Curved Earrings - Peculiar

Artfully curved silver earrings in creative shapes, complemented with fan pendants. The superb earrings are finished with a push back closure, crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 24,90 EUR
Your price 22,41 EUR
savings 10%
Semi Circle Ear Hangers - Inimitable

Silver-plated semi-circle earrings, composed of a hoop that connects a bent half circle hanger. A timeless, eye-catching jewel of the new collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 26,50 EUR
Your price 23,85 EUR
savings 10%
Chain Link Necklace - Ovalinos

Long silver-plated chain link necklace composed of a multitud of oval links. Charming necklace of the new collection designed and made by Ciclon

our price 53,90 EUR
Your price 48,51 EUR
savings 10%
Puzzle Ring - Personal

Puzzle silver ring comprised of three pieces, which are joined together. The silver plated ring is open and can be adjusted in size. Designed and crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 39,50 EUR
Your price 35,55 EUR
savings 10%

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Square Ring - Encuadra

Ring made of silver plated metal in a square shaped form, created with a hole in the center. Stunning silver plated ring of the new Botanic Sense Collection made by Ciclon

our price 32,50 EUR
Your price 29,25 EUR
savings 10%
Hoop Ring - Equus
Circle shaped silver ring in a classic form, made of zamac with a silver alloy, created and crafted by Ciclon
our price 30,95 EUR
Your price 27,86 EUR
savings 10%
Chunky Link Silver Bracelet - Asideras
Stylish chain bracelet with eight rounded square shaped links in silver-plated metal. Beautiful arm jewel designed and crafted by Ciclon.
our price 35,90 EUR
Your price 32,31 EUR
savings 10%