Leaf Shaped Silver Hole Ring

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Silver Ring - Cabañeros

Daring loop silver ring by byg,  silver-plated ring, hand-crafted in Spain

32,90 EUR
Square Silver Earrings - Encuadrados

Earrings in a square shaped form with a lever back clip closure. Modern earrings of the new Botanic Sense Collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

23,95 EUR

This product is similar to:

Armour Shield Ring - Singular
Silver Ring in form of an armoured shield composed in silver plated metal. Standout jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. 
39,50 EUR
Double Ring - Cerradura
Wing shaped, double line silver ring with a button ball pearl in the center. Original silver-plated finger candy designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
40,90 EUR