three piece stackable silver ring
Three Fold Silver Stack Ring
Preview: three piece stackable silver ring
Preview: Three Fold Silver Stack Ring

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4 Pearls Stackable Ring
Stackable silver ring consisting of four individual pieces, which carry a ball pearl on the top. Using several rings on one finger is a cutting-edge trend
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Abstract Half Moon Ring

Silver ring consisting of two half moon shaped metals facing each other created by Ciclon

34,90 EUR
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Classic Double Ring

Proven double silver ring in a hammered optic, consisting of two individual pieces. The Ring is mounted in silver-plated metal made by Ciclon

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This product is similar to:

Stackable Band Ring - Breña

Stackable silver ring consisting of three individual pieces, one is braided and the other two are smooth, polished rings. The silver plated ring is open and can be adjusted in size

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Silver Beaded Ring - Kiran
Silver plated brass ring with an ethnic talisman, inspired by the native American style. Cool jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. 
32,50 EUR
Only 26,00 EUR
Aztec Silver Ring - Acapulco
Round shaped silver ring which is engraved with Aztec symbols. Ring made of silver metal, made by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.
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