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Bisu 102 - Open Leather Bangle
Open brown leather bangle in a masculine style from Bisuart. The bangle is flexible and fits perfectly to your wrist
15,90 EUR
Only 9,95 EUR
Bisu 107 - Bracelet Camel
22,90 EUR
Only 17,90 EUR
Black Leather Bracelet Turquoise Stone
Black leather bracelet with a Swarovski crystal bead in blue turquoise, made by XXL Hardwear
34,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Black Waxed Bracelet
22,95 EUR
Only 12,95 EUR
Bracelet 3 Colorful Murano Crystals
Double row bracelet made of silver plated beads and colorful Murano crystal beads, combined with leather laces
46,30 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Bracelet Dangling Leaf Charms

Leather bracelet made of a silver plated charms pendants combined with leather laces

38,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Bracelet Engraved Coins

The coins are silver plated and the casual bracelet is made by Coolskin. Jewellery designs for bikers, rockers and urban People

29,90 EUR
Only 24,90 EUR
Bracelet Greek Coin
Adjustable bracelet made of black leather that is adorned with an imitated silver plated Medallion that reminds to ancient greek coin. A superb accessory with a casual touch.
55,00 EUR
Only 39,00 EUR
Bracelet Multiple Silver Rings - Identificacion
Casual silver bracelet with multiple silver plated ring charms and tag badge. Produced and designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
32,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Bracelet Needlework - 3 Rows
19,90 EUR
Only 9,95 EUR
Bracelet rectangle charms
Belt shaped silver bracelet made of rectangle silver plated beads and  embedded crystal charms
45,50 EUR
Only 34,95 EUR
Bracelet Round Silver Studs
Leather wristband made of genuine, brown, soft leather, adorned with round, silver studs, which surround the bracelet. A casual, cool piece for any adventure.
69,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Bracelet Smooth Leather Cord
Bracelet with a rounded, smooth leather cord, adorned with a decorative belt style clasp. A superp accessory with a casual touch.
49,00 EUR
Only 34,90 EUR
Bracelet with square charms
Bracelet made of dark brown leather on which are multiple silver plated beads and square shaped charms are distributed. Bracelet with silver plated beads from Ciclon
40,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Bracelet Wrapped Leather Cords

Bracelet with weaved leather cords and a decorative clasp made of silver plated metal

34,90 EUR
Only 27,92 EUR
Classic Black Leather Bracelet
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24,90 EUR
Only 22,41 EUR
Crown Bracelet
Silver cuff bracelet with a infinity buckle clasp on the top. A spring type metal fitting facilitates its opening and adaptability. An extravagant jewelry creation made of silver plated metal by Numero3
119,00 EUR
Only 79,00 EUR
Cuff Bracelet Little Bastard

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with rectangular engraved silver tag engraved tag "Little Bastard". Tribute to James Dean's car

42,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Cuff Style Bangle Bracelet
Artful statement silver cuff bracelet, made of rigid silver plated metal, with a structure of a slight braid optic. An extravagant jewelry creation made by Numero3
89,00 EUR
Only 69,00 EUR
Double Ball Bracelet - Sterling Silver
Open Sterling silver cuff bracelet, with an irregular ball at each of its ends. The ball pearl carries the engraved initials ED BRAND. The stylish bangle comes with a bright polished finish. A perfect piece for any age
79,90 EUR
Only 69,90 EUR
Double Chain with Resin Stones

Chain link bracelet with silver-plated links and embedded resin stones

44,95 EUR
Only 34,95 EUR
Double Crystal Leather Bracelet - Saint-Denis

Leather wristband with wide silver plate and resin bead from byg jewellery

49,90 EUR
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