Chain round links bracelet

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Hoop Chain Bracelet - Circle
Wide bracelet with multiple silver plated chains and a hoop circle charm in the center. Designed and crafted by Ciclon
47,00 EUR
Only 32,90 EUR
Ring Scales - Aries

Silver Band Ring in scales optic, hand-crafted in silver-plated metal. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon

28,90 EUR
Doble Chain Choker - Rectangle Crystal

Two strand silver chain link necklace with oval silver links and embedded Murano crystal. Silver-plated chain link necklace made by Ciclon

42,90 EUR
Only 34,32 EUR
C181832 - Necklace Square Links

Silver chain link necklace with silver links from Ciclon

49,90 EUR
Only 39,92 EUR
Irregular Silver Hoop Bracelet - Bocados

Chunky silver hoop chain bracelet made of silver plated links, connected in an irregular manner, made by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon 

35,90 EUR