Elastic Charm Pearl Bracelet Ciclon

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Silver Beaded Bracelet - Armada

Chunky bracelet created of triangle silver plated beads combined with leather laces. Designed and crafted by the jewelry company Ciclon

48,90 EUR
Silver Beaded Bracelet - Venice

Great and very popular bracelet model, made of rounded silver plated beads, mixed with charms in the form of a discs combined with leather laces

37,90 EUR
Bracelet Heart Shaped Silver Pearls
Double row silver pearl bracelet made with irregular rounded heart shaped beads. It is a type of silver pearl band bracelet. Designed and created by Ciclon
39,50 EUR
Oval Silver Beads - Nebulosa

Stretch Bracelet with silver-plated irregular oval beads, which are dispersed around the jewel. Designed and crafted by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Only 28,71 EUR
Bracelet Silver Rings & Beads - Fusion
Bracelet with multiple silver beads and rings surrounding the jewel, made on a leather base. Beautiful bracelet for every occasion. Handcrafted Silver Bracelet from Ciclon
44,90 EUR

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