Mens Leather Necklace  UNOde50

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Nail Pendant Leather Necklace

Necklace made by a leather cord with several knots and with an original pendant, an irregular iconic nail by UNOde50. The nail is silver plated metal. The length is regulated by a system of moving knots.

59,00 EUR

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Star Leather Wristband

Leather wristband bracelet made with a dark and smooth surface leather and three silver-plated metal stars

79,00 EUR
Only 59,00 EUR
Black Leather Wristband - Watt's Up

Oriental inspired bracelet, with a loop silver clasp as a center piece. The jewel with an exotic touch, fits with any of your styles. The wristband is made up of natural black leather, while the silver plated circular buckle is engraved with the UNOde50 logo.  Genuine soft leather

89,00 EUR