Leather Bracelet with skull

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Snake Print Skull Bracelet
Leather bracelet with a black snake print, adorned with a silver skull. A biker and rocker styled bracelet crafted by XXL Hardwear
35,50 EUR
Only 31,95 EUR
Layered Leather Bracelet with Skulls
Bracelet in an used leather optic, combined with interwoven silver skulls. Designed and crafted by XXL Hardwear
33,90 EUR
Only 30,51 EUR
Bracelet Multiple Silver Rings - Identificacion
Casual silver bracelet with multiple silver plated ring charms and tag badge. Produced and designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
32,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Anchor Leather Necklace
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27,90 EUR
Only 25,11 EUR