Leather bracelet with silver charms

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Snake Silver Bracelet
Silver chain bracelet featuring smooth moving links to form a pattern reminiscent of a snake. The silver plated bracelet features a cool, modern look.
35,90 EUR
Box Chain Bracelet
Casual masculine box chain Bracelet in silver plated metal, designed and crafted from XXL Hardwear
32,50 EUR
Only 29,25 EUR
Cuff Bracelet Little Bastard

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with rectangular engraved silver tag engraved tag "Little Bastard". Tribute to James Dean's car

42,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR

This product is similar to:

Crystal Nucleus Bracelet - Irati
Cool black leather bracelet, adorned with dark-grey greenish shimmering Murano glass crystal, in a leaf shape as the nucleus of the jewel. Leather bracelet from Ciclon
42,90 EUR
R230 - Original Chain Link Bracelet
The handcrafted silver chain link bracelet, made of silver plated metal and leather connectors at both of the ends, features a cool, modern look. Designed and crafted by XXL Hardwear
30,90 EUR