Wide silver stretch charm bracelet

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Necklace Leaf Charms - Baheda
Short Necklace with silver beads and leaf shaped charm pendants. The necklace is made of silver plated metal, covered with a high quality 925 silver alloy. Stunning necklace of the new Botanic Sense Collection made by Ciclon
our price 60,90 EUR
Your price 54,81 EUR
savings 10%
Bracelet Leaf Charm - Fanlo
Elastic silver beaded bracelet made with irregular beads and a silver pendant in a leaf shape. Silver plated stretch bracelet crafted and designed by Ciclon
our price 37,95 EUR
Your price 34,16 EUR
savings 10%
Silver Stretch Charm Bracelet - Origen
Attractive silver chain link bracelet, with several dangling pendants in form of pearls and leaf charms. The striking jewel is made in Madrid by Ciclon
our price 41,90 EUR
Your price 37,71 EUR
savings 10%
Bar Earrings - Personal

Silver-plated earrings, composed of a long bar that ends with an anchor type pendant. The modern earrings are finished with a fish hook closure, crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 22,90 EUR
Your price 20,61 EUR
savings 10%
Bend Silver Earrings - Clavado

Silver earrings in a bend form which creates a edgy rough look. Up to date earrings of the new Botanic Sense Collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 22,95 EUR
Your price 20,66 EUR
savings 10%