Silver Stretch Charm Bracelet

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Pearl Bracelet with Leaf Charms - Personal

Ball pearl bracelet with dangling leaf shaped charms made of silver plated metal. Beautiful jewelry piece for every occasion. Handcrafted Silver Bracelet designed and created by the spanish jewelry maker Ciclon

46,90 EUR
Necklace 8 Crystal Leaf Charms - Ephedra
Short Necklace with beads and leaf shaped silver charms and eight Murano cristal pendants. The necklace is made of silver plated metal, covered with a high quality 925 silver alloy. Stunning necklace of the new Botanic Sense Collection made by Ciclon
69,90 EUR
Only 54,95 EUR

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Silver Stretch Bracelet - Chela
Stretch bracelet, made of multiple circular silver-plated metal beads and with two dangling charms, one in color and the other in the shape of a round badge. Designed and crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
31,95 EUR
Chain Bracelet - Neem

Bracelet with chain links alternated with leaf shaped silver plated beads. Arm jewel designed and crafted by Ciclon in a trendy style, personality and special touch.

25,90 EUR
Bracelet Round Pendant - La Vie

Elastic bracelet made with rounded beads and topped with a dangling coin pendant, which carries a decorative bead in the center. The Bracelet is crafted by Ciclon

41,95 EUR
Only 33,56 EUR