Crescent Moon Gold Necklace

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Absorb Negative Energy - Black Onyx Necklace
Necklace with fine chain links and a pendant in shape of a crescent moon, made of a black onyx stone.
our price 49,00 EUR
Your price 44,10 EUR
savings 10%
Zodiac Gold Necklace
Gold-plated necklace with a fine chain, composed with a rounded pendant, with engraved zodiac signs. These moon signs affect your personality
our price 32,00 EUR
Your price 28,80 EUR
savings 10%
Tree of Life Gold Pendant
Necklace with a delicate chain, made in sterling silver and gold plated. The centerpiece is a pendant in the shape of the tree of life symbol,
our price 33,90 EUR
Your price 30,51 EUR
savings 10%

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