Wide Silver beaded Leather Bracelet

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Multi Strand Leather Bracelet - Blueberries

Boho chic style bracelet composed of 12 brown leather cords with twelve silver-plated metal tubes that are embellished with blue Swarovski crystals. A bracelet that you can wear with most of your casual outfits.

159,00 EUR
Beaded Leather Bracelet - Friends
Cool bracelet made of four strands of brown leather that unites multiple silver-plated beads, which are dispersed around the jewel. Designed and produced by UNOde50.
89,00 EUR

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Large Multi Strand Leather Bracelet - Tabona

Wide 6-strand brown leather bracelet with 15-micron silver-plated beads. Leather laces combined with the metallic beads in the centre make up this stunning bracelet.

89,00 EUR
Palma Chain Bracelet - Saturn
Cool silver plated bracelet, consisting of a chain with rectangular box links and a classic carabiner clasp, topped with the unmistakable icon pendant of the brand: the padlock, made of UNOde50
89,00 EUR
Bracelet Coin Charms - Chapa-rron
Bracelet with a leather base in brown colour and decorated with numerous silver plated pieces. Superb versatile Bracelet, which serves for several occasions.
65,00 EUR