Pearl of wisdom bracelet
Silver leather bracelet irregular beads
Preview: Pearl of wisdom bracelet
Preview: Silver leather bracelet irregular beads

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Pearl Bracelet - Moody
Leather-based bracelet with silver plated beads and a white sphere in the center, framed between three round silver balls larger than the rest.
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Silver Pearl Stretch Bracelet - Superlative

Standout style elastic bracelet formed by multiple silver plated beads and topped by three round white ball pearls larger than the rest. This jewel of natural appearance and versatile style has been made in Spain, by UNOde50 following a 100% handmade process.

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Small Fish Tail Bracelet

Leather fish tail bracelet with silver beads and colorful handcrafted crystals. The bracelet size is suitable for a very small wrist or a child.

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Ring Diamond Design

Big silver-plated ring with a geometric design in a diamond shape crossed by a tube

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