Aztec Silver Drop Earrings
large oval aztec earrings
Preview: Aztec Silver Drop Earrings
Preview: large oval aztec earrings

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Silver Disc Hanger Earrings - Planton
Short earrings in silver plated metal with a ring and a round disc badge in the center of the jewel. A creation of the manufacturer UNOde50
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Azteca Disc Ring - Texcoco

Large round silver disc ring in a hammered optic with a white pearl in the center. A silver-plated piece out of the Azteca collection inspired by their jewelry, impressive medallions, their temples and great buildings. 

69,00 EUR

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Bracelet Circular Charms - Tizoc
Chain bracelet inspired by Aztecs, composed of silver plated charms in a circular shape, adorned with crystals in a mat green colour in the center.
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