Long Gold earrings shape of a butterfly

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Ear Studs  - Rocio

Silver ear studs in an original spike design, inspired by wheat grains. The silver plated earrings come with a posts closure and are made by UNOde50

49,00 EUR
Only 44,10 EUR
Hammered short earrings - Escota
Oval shaped earrings made of silver plated metal in a hammered look. A timeless and cool ear piece for a modern and casual woman. Silver earrings with posts closure made by UNOde50
49,00 EUR
Only 39,20 EUR
Curled Hoop Earrings - It marks me
Silver plated earrings with an original spiral-shaped structure and irregular relief.
our price 49,00 EUR
Your price 44,10 EUR
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Shackle Gold Ring - Reward

Innovative ring that has a bar at the top of the jewel. The bar functions as a shackle closure. The UNO de 50 logo is delicately hand-engraved on the ring.

our price 119,00 EUR
Your price 107,10 EUR
savings 10%