Bird shaped gold earrings
Swallow shaped gold earrings
Preview: Bird shaped gold earrings
Preview: Swallow shaped gold earrings

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Hoop Earrings - Running in Circles
Silver plated metal hoop earrings with an organic-shaped structure and an irregular and asymmetrical design
59,00 EUR
Curved Silver Bangle - Venus
Rigid silver plated bangle bracelet with a spring mechanism for easy opening and closure and an inter hook clasp as a center piece. Cool minimalist inspiration jewel made by UNOde50. 
79,00 EUR

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Open Silver Choker - Fly me to the moon
Rigid and open silver plated choker necklace which consists, on one side, of a flying bird, representing the iconic Japanese swallow. This is an asymmetrical choker necklace with a central mechanism to open and close it comfortably. The choker adapts through its closing mechanism perfectly to the neck. Light and emblematic choker designed by UNOde50 
149,00 EUR