Bird shaped silver earrings

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Creole Silver Earrings - Nail
Large, open silver plated metal earrings, hoop-shaped, with its surface marked by irregular reliefs and with the characteristic handmade finishing of UNOde50.
59,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Running in Circles
Silver plated metal hoop earrings with an organic-shaped structure and an irregular and asymmetrical design
59,00 EUR
Curved Silver Bangle - Venus
Rigid silver plated bangle bracelet with a spring mechanism for easy opening and closure and an inter hook clasp as a center piece. Cool minimalist inspiration jewel made by UNOde50. 
79,00 EUR

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Jade Green Boho Style Anklet - Mrs Rani
Hindu inspired Boho style anklet, composed of small irregular silver plates, adorned with embedded jade green Swarovski crystal beads and multiple dangling ball pearls that surround the body of the anklet. This cool piece is made of silver plated metal 100% by hand in Spain. Designed and crafted by UNOde50
119,00 EUR
Dragonfly Earrings - All the time

Charming semi long earrings, composed with several silver-plated beads, dragonflies shaped pieces and crystals en pastel colors that lighten up your appearance.

49,00 EUR