Long Leather Necklace Silver Anchor
Long Leather Necklace - Cast Off
Preview: Long Leather Necklace Silver Anchor
Preview: Long Leather Necklace - Cast Off

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Dragonfly Brown Leather Bracelet - Circulando
Leather bracelet, based on three brown leather cords, which are adorned with silver plated beads and a dragonfly charm. Armlet designed and crafted by UNO de 50
59,00 EUR
Love Leather Bracelet - Cupid

Cool casual leather bracelet for women, with a lovely handcrafted Cupid heard in the middle. An every day fit for relaxed hours and a superb addition to your jewellery collection

39,00 EUR

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Multi Layer Charm Bracelet - El Lio Pardo
Bracelet made of varios leather cords, ornamented with silver plated charms in the shape of pearls and little coins, which are engraved with UNOde50
79,00 EUR
Bracelet Health Tag - Heal Me
Boho chic style bracelet, composed of two brown leather cords, adorned with silver-plated beads and a central tube with two dangling charms, one with a message tag "Salud", meaning "Health" and three Swarovski crystals in blue tones and a dragonfly pendant. The casual bracelet with a button closure, perfectly suits to your daily looks and is handmade in Spain by UNO de 50
69,00 EUR