Leather Choker Silver Beads Pearls
Short leather necklace white pearls
Preview: Leather Choker Silver Beads Pearls
Preview: Short leather necklace white pearls

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Beaded Leather Bracelet - Multivitamins
Beautiful triple strand brown leather bracelet that unites multiple, silver plated rounded beads, of different sizes, that are scattered around the jewel.
89,00 EUR
Silver Ball Ring - Osiris

Wide silver-plated ring with an irregular heart as a centerpiece. Silver plated jewel with a different, flashy design handcrafted by UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
Five Ball Silver Choker

Original silver-plated choker, comprised by two tube shaped metal pieces and five opulent ball beads in the center. The length is regulated by a silver-plated metal chain topped by the characteristic UNOde50 padlock

159,00 EUR
Only 143,10 EUR
Leather Ball and Pearl Necklace - Energy Boost

Short silver charm necklace with a silver pearl chain and multiple key and white pearl charms. Some charms are crafted with brown leather, detailing the craftmanship and essence of the UNOde50 brand.

149,00 EUR
Only 134,10 EUR
Pearl Beaded Leather Bracelet - Flighty
Versatile brown leather cord bracelet with silver plated beads and three white pearls as a centerpiece of the jewel. The piece comes with an original beret-style clasp
89,00 EUR

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