Leather Necklace Silver Ball Pearls

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Beaded Leather Bracelet - Multivitamins
Beautiful triple strand brown leather bracelet that unites multiple, silver plated rounded beads, of different sizes, that are scattered around the jewel.
89,00 EUR
Silver Ball Ring - Osiris

Wide silver-plated ring with an irregular heart as a centerpiece. Silver plated jewel with a different, flashy design handcrafted by UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
Silver Disc Hanger Earrings - Planton
Short earrings in silver plated metal with a ring and a round disc badge in the center of the jewel. A creation of the manufacturer UNOde50
49,00 EUR

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Choker Necklace 5 White Pearls - Superlative

Standout style choker necklace formed by a multitud of silver plated beads and topped by five opulent white pearls in the center. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain

169,00 EUR