Large White Pearl Ring
Ring with a pearl in the center
Ring with a pearl in the center
White Pearl Silver Ring
Preview: Large White Pearl Ring
Preview: Ring with a pearl in the center
Preview: Ring with a pearl in the center
Preview: White Pearl Silver Ring

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Silver Pearl Bracelet & Hoop Ring - Full moon
Silver leather bracelet with a round metalic ring sourrounding a white sphere in the center
79,00 EUR
Only 71,10 EUR

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Bracelet Charms Mother of Pearl

Silver beaded bracelet with handcrafted crystals and beads of mother of pearl and bone

69,00 EUR
Only 59,00 EUR
Bracelet Silver Beads & Emerald Crystals

Stretch bracelet made of handcrafted round crystals in natural tone emerald green color, combined with silver plated beads and charms in a wheat grain shape

our price 59,00 EUR
Your price 53,10 EUR
savings 10%
Small Fish Tail Bracelet

Leather fish tail bracelet with silver beads and colorful handcrafted crystals. The bracelet size is suitable for a very small wrist or a child.

our price 39,00 EUR
Your price 35,10 EUR
savings 10%
Ball Chain Necklace - Key Charms
Silver ball chain necklace with pearl, key pendants and the trademark padlock of UNO de 50, which is the iconic element of the brand
our price 109,00 EUR
Your price 98,10 EUR
savings 10%

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Feather Cuff Leather Wristband

Semi rigid bracelet with brown leather and an adjustable buckle closure. It includes a silver plated feather plate in its central part. 

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savings 10%