Feather Loop Silver Statement Ring

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Ring with 2 Wings

Unique and daring UNOde50 silver-plated ring, hand-crafted in Spain with interlocking hoops

59,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR

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Half Loop Ring - Kanawa Beach

Silver plated ring, open and in a half loop shape, but with a flat surface, that will beautify all your daily outfits. Do not hesitate to select this purest oriental style jewel with the unmistakable brand of UNOde50 

59,00 EUR
Small Silver Earrings - Leaves
Small earrings formed by two silver-plated leaves, which originate in an amazing jewel. It is a silver plated jewel with a posts closure that has been handcrafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer UNOde50.
69,00 EUR
Only 55,20 EUR