Circle Silver Finger Ring
Sphere Silver Ring - On / Off
Preview: Circle Silver Finger Ring
Preview: Sphere Silver Ring - On / Off

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Silver Ring Threads - The Tribe

Wide silver ring in an original structure with striking reliefs and engravings of rolled threads. Silver plated jewel with a differential design handcrafted by UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
Only 62,10 EUR
Double Key Ring

Silver-plated open key ring with an unique and bold organic design that reflects the conceptual and independent style, which is a characteristic of UNOde50.

59,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR

This product is similar to:

Red Leather Bracelet - Plug On
Cover your wrist with a red arm candy, a color that represents good luck in China. The center piece of the bracelet is a silver-plated circular buckle in the middle. The hoop has an irregular and handmade finish and is crafted with an engraved UNO 50 logo.
our price 99,00 EUR
Your price 89,10 EUR
savings 10%

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Leaf Chain Necklace - Oma

Short necklace featuring alternating small leaf shaped silver links with medium sized silver links. The awesome designed jewel is elaborated by Ciclon

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Your price 35,91 EUR
savings 10%
Swallow Earrings - Fly me to the moon
Flat line silver earrings that represent the flight of a swallow, an iconic bird of traditional Japan. Its shape symbolizes the deployment of the birds
our price 69,00 EUR
Your price 62,10 EUR
savings 10%