Silver ring spiral indentations
Spiral Silver Ring
Preview: Silver ring spiral indentations
Preview: Spiral Silver Ring

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Three Hoop Ring - Are you serious

Unique silver plated ring in an orbit, oval design

79,00 EUR
Only 59,00 EUR
UNOde50 Tag Silver Bangle - Mars
Rigid silver plated bangle bracelet with an original signature tag and a simple hook clasp. Minimalist inspiration jewel with carrying the logo of UNOde50. This accessory surly is to be a magnet for admiring glances at any occasion.
our price 89,00 EUR
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savings 10%
Bollard Button Cuff Bracelet
Brown leather bracelet with a silver plated curved cuff piece with a button ball on the top, which serves as a clasp. A unique boho chic designed jewel that is handmade in Spain by UNOde50.
our price 89,00 EUR
Your price 80,10 EUR
savings 10%

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Intertwined Silver Ring 925
Wide ring, fabricated of silver wires that are interwoven and entangled. The solid wire ring is hand wrapped and crafted of high quality Sterling Silver 925
our price 69,00 EUR
Your price 62,10 EUR
savings 10%

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Silver Ball Pearl Bracelet - Snowflake
Bracelet with an elegant chain, composed of round ball pearls of silver-plated metal. Finished with the emblematic UNO 50 padlock.
our price 49,00 EUR
Your price 44,10 EUR
savings 10%
Silver Bangle - Sumba Island

Open silver bangle bracelet in a wide, artful, irregular and curvy design, with a spring mechanism in the centre for an easy opening

our price 79,00 EUR
Your price 71,10 EUR
savings 10%