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Bold and unique is the credo of UNO de 50, spain's top jewelry brand. Livit Barcelona offers you a wide range of UNO de 50 necklace for women and men, from extravagant silver link chain colliers, dragonfly necklace to cool leather silver choker or Swarovski Crystal Element statement necklaces.

UNO de 50 is implementing new materials such as handmade resins, Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, shell pearls, Mallorca pearls and Bali beads.

Choker Necklace - Hive

Dress silvery choker necklace adorned with greenish Swarovski, mounted into multiple geometrical silver-plated beads which refer to the shape of honeycombs.

249,00 EUR
Crystal Choker Necklace - Honey Moon
Green sparkling double strand brown choker necklace consisting of multiple green colored Swarovski crystals in a geometrical honeycomb form. Characteristic style of UNOde50, made 100% by hand in Spain
229,00 EUR
Open Silver Choker - Fly me to the moon
Rigid and open silver plated choker necklace which consists, on one side, of a flying bird, representing the iconic Japanese swallow. This is an asymmetrical choker necklace with a central mechanism to open and close it comfortably. The choker adapts through its closing mechanism perfectly to the neck. Light and emblematic choker designed by UNOde50 
149,00 EUR
Leather Pearl Necklace - Vitamin

Short necklace composed of silver plated beads in different sizes and two white pearls, combining intertwined brown leather cords and a chain that is closed by a carabiner clasp

119,00 EUR
Ball Pearl Choker - Magnetized

Creative silver plated choker, comprised with a rounded tube in the center and multiple ball shaped beads on the sides of the jewel. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain topped by the characteristic UNOde50 padlock and a classic carabiner clasp

149,00 EUR
Eye Gold Necklace - Tears

Powerful gold plated long necklace, consisting of two chains: the inner one, with an oval charm; the outer one, with the same eye shaped charm but bigger, adorned with dangling feathers, both with Swarovski blue crystals as their centerpiece. Several natural looking stones emerge from the outer chain.

99,00 EUR
Long Leather Ball Pearl Necklace - Multivitamin

Long versatile necklace combining intertwined brown leather cords and a multitud of silver plated beads mixed up with four white pearl beads.

189,00 EUR
Five Ball Silver Choker

Original silver-plated choker, comprised by two tube shaped metal pieces and five opulent ball beads in the center. The length is regulated by a silver-plated metal chain topped by the characteristic UNOde50 padlock

159,00 EUR
Leather Ball and Pearl Necklace - Energy Boost

Short silver charm necklace with a silver pearl chain and multiple key and white pearl charms. Some charms are crafted with brown leather, detailing the craftmanship and essence of the UNOde50 brand.

149,00 EUR
Dainty Double Row Silver Necklace - Hey Honey

Dainty double strand chain necklace with two pendants, one in the form of a little bee, the other one in the shape of a dangling bar. The jewel is  designed and crafted by UNOde50

109,00 EUR
Necklace Green Turquoise Crystal Charms - Treasure

Short necklace composed of silver-plated beads, which are dispersed around the jewel, alternating with shiny, multicolored Swarovski crystals pendants.

139,00 EUR
Double Strand Gold Necklace - Navy

Double layered necklace, composed of fine gold-plated ball chains and a medallion which represents an engraved ancient ship. A boho chic style jewel that you can wear for elegant and occasions

169,00 EUR
Choker Necklace - Anchored

Choker necklace made of several rows of brown leather with a silver plated anchor pendant as the center piece of the jewel. Unique and unmistakable, characteristic design of UNOde50. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain topped by the characteristic UNOde50 padlock.

99,00 EUR
Elephant Pendant - Afroking

Short leather necklace composed of three brown leather laces and an elephant-shaped pendant as the central element. The elephant is created of gold plated metal.

129,00 EUR
Necklace Ball Pearls - Snowflake
Classy necklace decorated with rounded silver plated ball shaped pearls and one charm, the characteristic padlock of the UNO de 50 brand.
129,00 EUR
Gold Dragonfly Necklace

Short gold-plated necklace with a dragonfly pendant. Hand-crafted in Spain.

169,00 EUR
Only 149,00 EUR
Curved Silver Choker - Poles Apart
Rigid choker necklace with an inter hook clasp as the center piece of the jewel. A central spring mechanism allows the necklace to open and close comfortably. Silver-plated choker made from UNO de 50 
129,00 EUR
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Stunning necklace styles from UNO de 50

Do you know the “halo effect”? This you attain when you wear a silver statement necklace from UNO de 50. The halo effect is when individuals respond to a single, dominant trait of a person, so that other traits of that person, in judgment, are pushed into the background, or are no longer perceived. The perception of a special jewellery piece, such as a bold UNO de 50 necklace, which can be an XL silver chain, that will call for that attention. Whether you wear a silver charm necklace, with some beautiful coins or creative figures dangling pendants, or a nice, exclusive looking silver pearl necklace to your evening dress, you will create an individual and glamorous look that illustrates your exclusive style. It is jewellery for the strong sophisticated woman. 

Mediterranean style necklace

Enrich your looks with a cool multi strand necklace in Mediterranean style. Wouldn´t you like to chill out below palms, a cocktail in your hand, surrounded by white and sandy beaches? This kind of ambience and lifestyle, inspired UNO de 50 to design, maritime and natural jewellery styles. Cool, breathtaking nautical necklaces, made of genuine leather adorned with colorful beads and charms are the fashion accessories, which reflect this kind of beach lifestyle. These free spirit boho style necklaces are great compliments to your look and way of life. Furthermore, you can layer necklaces and mix it to your own preference and appearance.

Choker Necklaces 

Choker necklaces are very individual species among the necklace styles. Chokers have been worn a lot in past centuries, but forgotten some time. Jewellery designers and UNO de 50 made them fashionable again, but brought some progressive elements to the designs. These neck huggers are offered in leather, adorned with pearls or charms and transmit uniqueness through its design and look. Rigid silver chokers also sit high on the neck and give a stand out touch to your appearance. Chokers are stunning jewelry creations and also suitable for weddings and special occasions, with which your cocktail dress can be wonderfully accentuated. Nowadays, chokers are seen on the fashion runways around the world.

Necklaces by UNO de 50 are handmade, so each one is exclusive and special.