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Find exquisite necklaces in our jewelry boutique. The b & g collection consists of a variety of gorgeous necklaces and is especially popular in Spain, where the brand, is well known for opulent and individual creations. The combination of materials and silver elements gives the pieces a distinctive look.

Chain Necklace - Delta
Long silver chain link necklace with a pendant in form of two hoops, crafted in silver plated metal and designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g
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Oval Silver Necklace

Chain link necklace with an eye-catching oval silver drop pendant. An cool jewel of the new collection, crafted and designed by b&g.

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Silver Necklace Color Charms - Luz
Leather silver necklace, composed by leather strands, combining a silver chain, adorned with four colorful crystal beads. Designed and crafted by b&g
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Necklace Color Beads - Palmito
Stunning necklace, composed of a silver chain, combined with brown leather strands, adorned with colorful crystal bead and a rectangular center piece. Designed and crafted by b&g
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Leather silver choker necklace

Cool choker necklace crafted with a braided snake chain in combination with leather cords. Designed and manufactured by the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g

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Loop Pendant Necklace - Vive

Multi strand long necklace with brown leather cords, adorned with silver-plated beads and an opulent loop silver pendant. Designed and manufactured by b&g

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Curved Choker & Leather Pendants
Handmade curved silver choker necklace made with sterling silver plated metal. The main attraction are the cool dangling leather pendants in combination with small silver tubes at the end of the strands. Designed and crafted from the spanish jewelry company b&g
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Necklace Blue Beads
Necklace in combination with leather and color resin beads
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Silver Hoop Pendant

Necklace made of leather cords, in combination with a creative silver hoop pendant, which is produced of silver plated zamac. Created from the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g

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Snake Necklace - Trenzada
Silver plated braided necklace in a snake optic, made with carabiner clasp. Designed and crafted by b&g complementos, portraying a fresh and modern appearance.
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Silver Necklace Message Tag

Long silver chain necklace with dangling silver chains from Byg

49,95 EUR
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