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Find exquisite necklaces in our jewelry boutique. The b & g collection consits of a variety of gorgeous necklaces and is especially popular in Spain, where the brand, is well known for opulent and individual creations. The combination of materials and silver elements gives the pieces a distinctive look.
Necklace 7 Pendants
Handmade necklace made of leather and silver plated chain links and dangling resin turquoise stones
67,90 EUR
Collar Terciopelo

Two strand long black leather necklace with silver beads made by b&g

37,90 EUR
Collar Mensaje

Long silver chain necklace with dangling silver chains from Byg

49,95 EUR
Collar Los Roques

Long silver necklace with resin pendants on dangling silver chains from Byg

67,90 EUR
Colgante Curva y Cueros
49,90 EUR
Necklace Green Resin Pendants
Handmade necklace made with sterling silver plated metal beads and resin pendants 
47,90 EUR
Cuero y Aro
32,50 EUR
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