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Spark up your look with Gold Jewelry

Modernize your styles by wearing Ciclon gold jewelry. Gold is to wear on any occasion, has an elegant touch and is always in style, one time more, and one time less. Change your looks with gold jewels, dress up or down depending on your mood and social event.

Gold Shield Ring - Ginko
Gold Ring in form of an armoured shield composed in gold plated metal. Standout jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
our price 54,90 EUR
Your price 49,41 EUR
savings 10%
Braided Gold Ring - Palolem

Flat braided gold ring with an adjustable size for any of your fingers. Made in a gold plated brass. Designed and crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer  Ciclon

our price 40,95 EUR
Your price 36,86 EUR
savings 10%
Intertwined Gold Ring - Bora Bora
Ring with an irregular twisting made in a gold plated brass. A creation of the new Discola collection, designed and crafted by the spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon. 
our price 40,95 EUR
Your price 36,86 EUR
savings 10%
Gold Beaded Bracelet - Meteoros
Woman bracelet with gold brass beads. Made by Ciclon with a modern design, personality and class. Great to wear it individually or layer it with other bracelets.
32,90 EUR
Only 23,03 EUR
Leather Bracelet Gold Charms - Macarelleta

Knotted leather bracelet with gold charms and a turquoise pendant as a center of attraction. Designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

our price 27,90 EUR
Your price 25,11 EUR
savings 10%
Irregular Gold Link Bracelet - Troncal

Irregular chain link bracelet made of wide artistic designed loops, made in gold plated brass by the jewellery manufacuturer Ciclon. The length is regulated with a fine chain

our price 57,90 EUR
Your price 52,11 EUR
savings 10%
Gold Ball Pearl Chain Necklace -  Canon
Short chain ball pearl chain necklace with a decorative turquoise crystal pendant, made of gold-plated brass. A jewel of the Discola collection, made by Ciclon.
our price 34,90 EUR
Your price 31,41 EUR
savings 10%
Gold Leaf Necklace - Chicori

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching leaf silver pendant. An amazing jewel of the new Botanic Sense, crafted and designed by Ciclon.

our price 65,00 EUR
Your price 58,50 EUR
savings 10%
Semicircle Gold Hanger Earrings - Inimitable

Gold-plated brass earrings, composed of a hoop that connects a bent half circle hanger. A timeless, eye-catching jewel of the new collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 35,90 EUR
Your price 32,31 EUR
savings 10%
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