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Spark up your look with Gold Jewelry

Modernize your styles by wearing Ciclon gold jewelry. Gold is to wear on any occasion, has an elegant touch and is always in style, one time more, and one time less. Change your looks with gold jewels, dress up or down depending on your mood and social event.

Bowed Gold Ring - Infinito

Double line gold ring with in form of a bowed infinity link and a crystal bead on the top. Original gold plated finger candy designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

62,90 EUR
Only 44,03 EUR
Triple Stackable Ring - Enlazados

Stackable gold ring consisting of three individual pieces created by Ciclon. The gold plated ring is crafted of hypoallergenic metal. Using several rings on one finger is a cutting-edge trend.

42,95 EUR
Gold Shield Ring - Ginko

Gold Ring in form of an armoured shield composed in gold plated metal. Standout jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

54,90 EUR
Only 43,92 EUR
Short Necklace - Mini Bocado

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching circle gold piece pendant. An cool jewel of the new collection crafted and designed of gold-plated brass by Ciclon.

62,95 EUR
Only 44,07 EUR
Gold Leaf Necklace - Chicori

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching leaf silver pendant. An amazing jewel of the new Botanic Sense, crafted and designed by Ciclon.

65,00 EUR
Only 52,00 EUR
Double Wing Gold Bangle - Eternidad
Cuff stye bracelet in the shape of two wings and as a centerpiece the eternity sign, which carries a point of light of a Murano glass crystal. Created of gold plated metal by the spanish jewelry company Ciclon
53,90 EUR
Only 43,12 EUR
Infinity Gold Bracelet - Eterno

Leather bracelet, composed of geniune brown cords and a spiritual gold plated infinity charm in the center. A light point crystal is mounted into the infinity link.  Meaningful and inspiring wristband, created by the Ciclon jewelry manufactory.

43,90 EUR
Only 39,51 EUR
Irregular Gold Link Bracelet - Troncal

Irregular chain link bracelet made of wide artistic designed loops, made in gold plated brass by the jewellery manufacuturer Ciclon. The length is regulated with a fine chain

57,90 EUR
Gold Ball Pearl Chain Necklace -  Canon

Short chain ball pearl chain necklace with a decorative turquoise crystal pendant, made of gold-plated brass. A jewel of the Discola collection, made by Ciclon.

34,90 EUR
Gold Choker Necklace - Sin Fín

Alluring chain link necklace made of gold-plated brass, combined with a beautiful infinity charm as the center piece. Engaging choker necklace of the new collection designed and made by Ciclon

60,90 EUR
Crystal Heart Earrings - Amore
Gold-plated brass earrings with a faceted heart shaped amber glass crystal joined by a lever back clip closure. Beautiful earrings of the new collection
50,90 EUR
Only 35,63 EUR
Gold Bracelet Love Charms - Cupido

Chain Bracelet in gold plated brass, adorned with dangling cupid and love charms. Beautiful charm bracelet for every occasion. A jewel of the Cuore collection made by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

69,90 EUR
Bicolor Chain Bracelet - Pura

Bicolor bracelet with a gold hoop closure ring that is mounted on a silver plated curb chain. A special design for the 25th anniversary of Ciclon jewellery.

74,90 EUR
Feather Earrings - Espíritu Oro

Striking gold earrings in form of a feather-shaped pendant, which is finished in gold-plated zamac. A design that evokes freedom and spirituality, crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

54,90 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Pura Oro

Cool gold earrings with a dangling round hoop, topped with a T design. Stylish earrings, made of gold plated metal crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

64,90 EUR
Feather Hoop Gold Earrings - Salvaje

Round creole gold earrings in a feather shaped structure, created with a posts closure in gold-plated metal, made by the spanish jewelry company Ciclon

50,90 EUR
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