Necklace Collection Ciclon

Find amazing necklaces in the classy Ciclon collection. Shop the latest trends of statement necklaces, from the choker necklace to the long silver chain necklace. Revive your style with an alluring, modern designer necklace and combine style, craftmanship and value for money. In a concern of aesthetcism and perfection, the label aims to define and present a timeless, modern, chic refined jewellery crafts to the delicacy of details, with the ultimate goal of making everyones necks more beautiful and enhancing your overall appearance. Handcrafted jewellery, made from the Spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon.

Short Chain Necklace - Espíritu

Choker chain link necklace with a large feather-shaped pendant, which is finished in silver-plated zamac. A design that evokes freedom and spirituality, crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

44,90 EUR
Feather Necklace - India

Short necklace, composed of two brown suede cords, adorned with an impressive feather gold pendant. A powerful jewel of the new savage collection, crafted and designed by Ciclon in gold plated metal.

48,95 EUR
Silver Chain Choker - Pura

Chain link choker necklace with an impressive hoop closure ring that is mounted on a silver plated curb chain. A special design for the 25th anniversary of Ciclon jewellery.

62,95 EUR
Short Chain Necklace Crystal Pendant - Glam

Short necklace made of silver-plated metal with a rectangle box link chain, adorned with a geometric designed trapezoid pendant, which carries a faceted crystal. Necklace from the Art Deco Collection of the Ciclón jewelry company.

44,95 EUR
Choker Leather Necklace - Geometric

Short black leather necklace with a geometric trapezoid-shaped pendant, decorated with faceted crystal. A cool pendant from the Art Deco Collection, crafted by Ciclon.

48,90 EUR
Large Geometric Pendant - Escultura
Short box chain link necklace made of silver-plated metal, accompanied with a large geometric designed trapezoid pendant. Necklace from the Art Deco Collection of the Ciclón jewelry company.
53,95 EUR
Chain Necklace - Hanae

Silver necklace consisting of articulated links, adorned with colored crystal beads. Silver plated chain from the Saori collection inspired by the Feng Shui philosophy, manufactured by Ciclon

65,90 EUR
Double Strand Necklace - Perseida

Stunning two-tier necklace with a row of tiny stars. The second strand is adorned with ball pearls mounted on leather and decorated with pendants in the form of stelae and a black star. Short silver plated necklace made by Ciclon.

74,90 EUR
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