Necklaces from Ciclon
Find amazing necklaces in the classy Ciclon collection. Shop the latest trends of statement necklaces, from the choker necklace to the long silver chain necklace. Revive your style with an alluring, modern designer necklace and combine style, craftmanship and value for money. In a concern of aesthetcism and perfection, the label aims to define and present a timeless, modern, chic refined jewellery crafts to the delicacy of details, with the ultimate goal of making everyones necks more beautiful and enhancing your overall appearance. Handcrafted jewellery, made from the Spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon.
SWR802 - Leather Choker with Swarovski Crystal

Choker necklace made of a brown leather cord, adorned with a light blue Swarovski Crystal charm. Adjustable necklet made by Ciclon

our price 32,90 EUR
Your price 29,61 EUR
savings 10%
Silver Beaded Chain - Meteoros
Short necklace made with a silver link chain, on which multiple irregular silver beads are embedded.  
our price 32,90 EUR
Your price 29,61 EUR
savings 10%
Short Necklace Square Charms

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rhombus shaped charms

our price 34,90 EUR
Your price 31,41 EUR
savings 10%
Pink Crystal Pendant
Leather Necklace with silver beads and Murano crystal pendant. Dressy, playful necklace and with modern edge.
79,90 EUR
Only 49,95 EUR
Pendant Silver Spiral

Fine silver chain link necklace made of silver plated metal, with a spiral shaped pendant. A charming creation in silver plated metal, of the Discola collection, made by hand from the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclón. 

our price 32,50 EUR
Your price 29,25 EUR
savings 10%
Necklace with oval silver links

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rectangle shaped charms

our price 37,90 EUR
Your price 34,11 EUR
savings 10%
Necklace Turquoise Fish Pendant

Short silver chain necklace with a charm pendant in form of a fish

29,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Necklace Missoni

Long silver chain necklace made of a silver plated link chain and a Murano crystal pendant

our price 52,80 EUR
Your price 47,52 EUR
savings 10%
Necklace Dholki Beads

Silver and beaded necklace with irregular beads

our price 41,60 EUR
Your price 37,44 EUR
savings 10%
Message Silver Necklace - VIVE

The short chain link necklace carries a dangling silver bead and a round message pendant with the engraved inscription "VIVE, Love, Disfruta & dream", which completes this beautiful jewel. The necklace fits casual outfits, as well suits the elegant wardrobe. The creation can be layered in Boho chic vintage style with other colliers.

our price 35,90 EUR
Your price 32,31 EUR
savings 10%
Mandala Moon Gold Necklace - Palolem

Fine silver chain link necklace made of silver plated metal, with an oval shaped pendant made by Ciclon

our price 36,40 EUR
Your price 32,76 EUR
savings 10%
Leather necklace with a rectangle crystal pendant

Multi strand choker leather necklace made with irregular silver plated beads and Murano crystal pendant

46,90 EUR
Only 37,52 EUR
Leather Necklace Oval Medallion - Apogeo

Double Layer leather necklace, in combination with small silver plated beads and an original oval crystal medallion as a centerpiece. Crafted and designed by Ciclon

39,95 EUR
Only 31,96 EUR
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