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Discover latest trend in Spanish style Statement Earrings

UNO de 50 Earrings captivate your eye with their unique and ingenious designs, are handcrafted and authentic. These true eye-catchers and timeless pieces are perfect to accessorize your wardrobe.

Gold Hoop Earrings - Knot Knot
Gold plated metal earrings, hoop-shaped, with its surface marked and a knot in the center of the hoops, has the characteristic handmade finishing of UNOde50. Gold earrings with posts closure made by UNOde50
69,00 EUR
Only 55,20 EUR
Round Compass Earrings Gold
Gold plated ear studs that are symbolizing a compass, inspired by maritime gadgets that were used during their long travels in search of treasures. 
49,00 EUR
Only 39,20 EUR
Small Gold Earrings - Leaves

Small earrings formed by two gold-plated leaves, which originate in an amazing jewel. It is a gold plated jewel with a posts closure that has been handcrafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer UNOde50.

59,00 EUR
Only 47,20 EUR
Gold Earrings Three Hoops
Half long gold plated earrings composed of three hoops joined in between. A simple and cool design which you will be the center of the attention.
99,00 EUR
Only 79,00 EUR
Gold Earrings Clip - Twins

Hammered gold plated irregular round coin shaped earrings, with, adding a modern and casual touch to any look. The closure is a clip fastener

59,00 EUR
Butterfly Earrings - Just Be
Light up your look with these silver plated butterfly earrings that will spark off positive energy. Wear this spiritual jewel on a daily baisis. Earrings with a posts closure of the UNOde50 collection
59,00 EUR
Butterfly Gold Earrings - Just Be
Light up your look with these gold plated butterfly earrings that will spark off positive energy. Wear this spiritual jewel on a daily baisis. Earrings with a posts closure of the UNOde50 collection
79,00 EUR
Snake Earrings - Mrs Bhikaiji
Silver plated earrings that symbolize a being of extraordinary spiritual presence in India: the snake, a cult animal whose spirit stand for the protection of fountains, rivers, treasures and goods
69,00 EUR
Long Silver Hoop Earrings - On / Off

Edgy earrings in an urban design, adorned with a horizontal bar that joins a hoop ring by the means of a fine chain. It is a silver-plated jewel with a posts closure that has been handcrafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
Swallow Earrings - Fly me to the moon
Flat line silver earrings that represent the flight of a swallow, an iconic bird of traditional Japan. Its shape symbolizes the deployment of the birds
69,00 EUR
Crystal Ear Studs - Ciambella Blu

Aesthetic silver plated earrings with irregular edge and are adorned with an eye-catching, dark blue button made of Swarovski crystal. A jewel with a minimalist approach to wear on any occasion

49,00 EUR
Stud Earrings - Tangled Up

Classic intertwined silver-plated earrings with a butterfly posts closure, handcrafted in Spain using 100% artisanal jewelry crafting methods.

39,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Signs
Extravagant silver plated hoop earrings in a hammered look, which consists of two circles that are joined by a thin needle-shaped bead. Silver earrings with posts closure of the squad collection
79,00 EUR
Carved Fang Earrings - Feather in the breeze
Earrings carved like small feathers, sculpted delicately throughout the whole piece with which you will give sparks to your daily outfits.
59,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Running in Circles
Silver plated metal hoop earrings with an organic-shaped structure and an irregular and asymmetrical design
59,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Breaking the circle
Silver-plated hoop shaped earrings, with a stick cutting through the circle. Silver earrings with posts closure of the squad collection made by UNOde50
79,00 EUR
Green Crystal Earrings - No Honey
Eye-catching earrings consisting of three green Swarovski crystals in a geometrical honeycomb form. A perfect accesory for every occasion. Silver earrings with posts closure of the squad collection made by UNOde50
89,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Nightbird Wrap
Breathtaking silver plated hoop earrings, formed with several rectangular pieces topped with fine blue Swarovski crystals. An amazing creation of the spanish jewelry maker UNOde50
89,00 EUR
Orchid Ear Studs - Mrs Begum
Orchid stud earrings formed by two side by side pieces: one of them, made of silver plated metal, the other, made of a white orange Swarovski crystal, colors that symbolizes the purity in Indian culture. Silver earrings with a posts closure made by UNOde50
89,00 EUR
Hoop Earrings - Mrs Uma
Silver earrings composed of two crescent shapes, a symbol of strong spiritual traction in the Hindu culture. Wear this oriental jewel with any of your looks. Silver earrings with posts closure of the collection made by UNOde50
49,00 EUR
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Enchanting Earring Styles from UNO de 50

Earrings are often the most important and only jewelry that women wear. What earrings to wear? This is the question which many women facing every morning. They need to pep up their style with the right earrings, at the same time your earrings is the fashion item that is modelling your face throughout the day. A very delicate selection to make. UNO de 50 is known for special and individual jewelry pieces. This applies also to their earrings collection, which is quite big and ranges from statement earrings to creative pearl earrings. You will find earrings that appeal and everyone ask you where you get the from.

In continuation we will touch on these certain collections: 

Statement Earrings can be oversized earrings, geometric forms or bold earrings made up of special creations and figures. UNO de 50 offers right now earrings with climber figures, fishes or other species, simultaneously there are other opulent, XL sized earrings in their collection.

Chandelier and Pearl earrings. A great part of of UNO de 50 earrings are pearl earrings. These are very versatile to use and timeless. White pearls are for their nature more elegant and classic, but UNO de 50 gives these pearls a new modern look, so that they can be used to your evening dress but go perfectly to your casual outlook. Pearls are combined with leather or colorful crystals which will underline the fashionable touch and emphasize the sensual look.

Stud earrings and dangling earrings. If you are wearing a more minimalistic style, stud earrings in a smaller design might be fitting you. UNO de 50 has beside some striking irregular hoop shape earrings also sophisicated small hoop earrings. Some of the studs come with a Swarovski crystal, which can also be found as drop earrings. These sparkling and glittery earrings create a breathtaking look and can be worn to your business dress as well as to your evening gown. Swarovski crystal earrings in the UNO de 50 design, are an unique and impressive accessory.