Keychains Specials

Keychain Knots
Brown leather keychain with knots and three dangling pendants, adorned with an engraved silver charm in the center. Crafted by Ciclon
27,90 EUR
Only 22,32 EUR
Cross Key Chain
Silver plated key chain made of a symmetrical flower pendant and an adorned, engraved cross. Created by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Sacre Coeur
19,90 EUR
Only 14,90 EUR
Cat Keychain
49,00 EUR
Only 35,00 EUR
Butterfly Keychain
28,90 EUR
Only 14,45 EUR
Shoe Keychain
Original Leather Keychain
21,90 EUR
Only 19,71 EUR
Keychain Silver Fish
our price 45,00 EUR
Your price 40,50 EUR
savings 10%
Keychain Cabochon

Leather keychain with silver pendant and Murano glass pearl from Ciclon jewellery

24,90 EUR
Only 19,92 EUR
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