UNO de 50 Jewellery

UNO de 50 Jewellery

Amazing Original Statement Silver Jewellery from Spain

UNO de 50 jewellery is for people who do not go for the conventional, get away from classic designs and look for something different, Jewellery for the strong sophisticated woman. 

The credo of the brand is creativity and jewellery in pure-state design

UNO de 50 jewelry is a famous, high end Spanish jewellery and accessories brand. The company was founded in the 1990s by a group of artistic and rebellious designers with the idea to make 50 units of each design. The original statement jewelry is for non-conventional people, the ones who look for something different. Chunky costume jewellery in pure-state of art design, with lots of personality and style stand for the brand. Especially UNO de 50 bracelets are spectacular and necklaces in spanish style made their fame. The original and timeless creations are designed and hand made in Spain. Loved and worn for a lifetime...

UNO de 50 is promoting its "Made in Spain" high end fashion jewellery successfully all around the world. It is considered as one of the best and original jewelry brands worldwide.