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Superb Rings made of the highest quality of Silver and original ring designs that capture and mark the latest trends.

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Mat Alliance Ring
Masculine, finely cut ring, made of sterling silver in a mat optic. Designed by D'oz Homme
35,00 EUR
Braided Silver Ring

Casual sterling silver ring in a braided design with a 6 mm width. Classic styled ring in a catchy look, produced by the jewelry manufacturer D'oz Homme

37,50 EUR
Wide Ring Flor de Lis

Wide, unisex black rubber ring with a flor de lis inlay made of sterling silver. Cool unisex ring

39,00 EUR
R0925 - Black Skull Ring

Wide, unisex black rubber ring with a skull inlay made of sterling silver, designed and crafted by D'Oz homme 

39,00 EUR
Shiny Intertwined Cable Ring
Intertwined ring, fabricated of scintillating silver wires that are interwoven and entangled. The cable silver ring is a captivating finger piece, it is chic forever.
49,00 EUR
Butterfly Silver Ring
Silver butterfly shaped ring
59,00 EUR
Oxidized Butterfly Ring
Ring in an antique, dark silver optic
59,00 EUR
Intertwined 925 Silver Ring
Wide ring composed of silver wires that are firmly interwoven and entangled. The solid wire ring is hand wrapped and crafted of  Sterling Silver 925
59,00 EUR
Spinner Ring
Spinner ring with three hoop rings in the center of the jewel. Spinning rings are meditative, relieving anxiety, and having calming effects. The sterling silver ring has a lucid look and is crafted by jewelry maker D'oz Homme.
69,00 EUR
Double Alliance Ring
Ring consisting of two intricated rings by D'oz Homme. The rings are not separable
79,00 EUR
Surrounding Skull Silver Ring

Casual sterling silver ring with skull design surrounding the jewel. Cool ring with an eye-catching look, produced by jewelry manufacturer D'oz Homme.

99,00 EUR
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