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Spanish Silver Statement Jewelry
Romantic Love Jewelry
Beaded Bracelet & Blue Crystal - Magic

Bracelet made of dark brown leather decorated with small silver plated beads and a crystal in the centre of an amethyst colour and oval shape. A stunning jewel with original silver plated metal beads in a combination with a Swarovski crystal.

99,00 EUR
Silver Ring - Bluemoon

Eye-catching silver ring, composed with three gray faceted crystals, mounted in silver-plated metal. Designed to give an elegant touch to your outfit, crafted by UNO de 50

109,00 EUR
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Statement pieces from our new jewellery collection

Necklace Color Beads - Palmito
Stunning necklace, composed of a silver chain, combined with brown leather strands, adorned with colorful crystal bead and a rectangular center piece. Designed and crafted by b&g
55,90 EUR
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Selected jewellery to bargain prices

Ribbed Ring
Large ring made of silver plated metal in a ribbed shape. Stunning silver plated finger candy made by Ciclon
29,90 EUR
Only 19,95 EUR
Short Grey Cotton Necklace

Short silver beaded necklace, with three, grey waxed cotton threads, adorned with small silver plated beads and at the lower end there is a dangling medallion.

29,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
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Get enchanted by trendy silver statement jewelry

Whether your looking for a new style or just shopping for a nice piece of adornments, or a great gift, on the Livit website you will find amazing, original jewelry for men and women, universal jewels for him or her.

From leather bracelets, silver cuff bracelets to statement silver chain necklaces, or our stunning watch collection, you will find a wide variety of trendy spanish silver jewelry, at attractive prices.

We focus on extraordinary designer jewellery, on creative and original designs and sometimes it gets a bit chunky, rough and rebellious.

Livit stands for quality, new and fine materials, innovative jewelry designs apart from the mainstream mass market. The treasures are handmade in Spain.

Collections are renewed continuously and twice a year there is complete change over in the collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Moreover, new exciting jewelry novelties are added continuously. Thus, it is worthwhile to check-in regularly and browse through our new arrivals.

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