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Spanish Silver Statement Jewelry
Romantic Love Jewelry

Statement pieces from our new jewellery collection

Stirrup Pendant - Potro

This beautiful short silver-plated necklace features a charming stirrup-shaped pendant that reflects the passion for the equestrian sport. Discover the perfect union between fashion and equestrian sport with the exquisite talisman necklace from the Equus collection.

35,90 EUR
Oval Link Leather Bracelet - Bruh

Handcrafted leather bracelet with a large oval central link. The distinctive designed piece is made of sterling silver-plated metal alloy. The comfortable dark brown leather strap closure, contrasting with its main piece, underlines the unmistakable design of the spanish jewelry maker UNOde50.

109,00 EUR
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Selected jewellery to bargain prices

Fang Bracelet

Braided leather bracelet with tube detail in form of two fangs

35,00 EUR
Only 24,50 EUR
Leather Bracelet - Uno Heart

Bracelet made of genuine dark brown leather whose combination of elements, the UNO heart and the leather, make the jewel in an original and unique piece. It consists of a leather strap closure and a silver plated heart that carries the unmistakable logo of UNO de 50

89,00 EUR
Only 71,20 EUR
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