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Opulent, Vintage and colorful Resin Rings

b&g finger jewelry is fancy and extravagant, unlike a minimalist look. The collection consists of chunky statement rings, cocktail, vintage and colorful resin rings. Find a stylish piece that suits your personality and highlights and rounds up your clothing style.

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Silver Ring - Revolución

Square shaped silver ring consisting of bars, without connection among them. These resemble a kind of skeleton bars. The irregular silver ring is silver-plated, designed and hand-crafted from the jewelry manufactuer b&g in Spain

31,90 EUR
Loop Ring - Atlantida

Daring, three loop silver ring in an unified, opulent wide shape. Hand-crafted, silver-plated (10 micras) ring, made of Zamac by b&g in Spain.

31,90 EUR
Red Cabochon Ring - Algarve

Silver-plated ring with an attractive round red crystal cabochon, which is the striking centerpiece of the jewel. Handcrafted ring made by the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g

32,90 EUR
Flower Ring Artemisa
Flower shaped silver ring with a brown resin bead in the center. A cool accessory that is a true eye-catcher and statement piece. Jewel handcrafted in Spain
39,00 EUR
Pearl Cabochon Ring - Arte

Silver-plated ring adorned with a pearly cabochon as a center piece. The stunning, but timeless model is a perfect accessory for any occasion and is made by b&g

35,90 EUR
Loop Ring Oro - Atlantida

Daring loop gold ring by byg,  gold-plated ring, hand-crafted in Spain

51,90 EUR
Sculpted Silver Ring

Carved silver ring by byg, silver-plated ring, hand-crafted in Spain

31,90 EUR
Spike Ring - Marsella
Be weaponized with this long horizontal spike ring, made of silver-plated metal. Crafted and designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g in an artisanal way.
31,90 EUR
Massive Knot Silver Ring
The massive knot ring is made of zamac (non-allergic, nickel free) and is silver plated. Crafted and designed by the spanish jewelry maker b&g
27,00 EUR
Ring Double Face

Original, double face statement ring made with a green resin stone on one side and a silver bead on the other side. Silver-plated ring, hand-crafted by b&g in Spain

31,90 EUR
Ring Entangled Cotton Cords

Silver ring entangeled by cotton cords made by byg, hand-crafted in Spain

31,90 EUR
Pink Gold Ring

Original gold plated ring with a pink colored resin stone, designed and hand-crafted by the spanish jewelry maker b&g in Spain

45,00 EUR
Only 31,50 EUR
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