Necklaces XXL Hardwear

XXL Hardwear creations are inspired by the free independant woman that represents values such as authenticity, design and craftmanship. The lifestyle brand is influenced by people's lives, music and culture. Unique, chunky necklaces and bracelets define the expressionistic XXL Hardwear jewellery brand. Rebel necklaces in skull, pirate, gothic, tattoo or biker style mark the handmade crafts.

Sword Necklace
Silver plated Necklace from XXL Hardwear with a fine chain and a sacred heart and a cross
34,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Wooden Beaded Necklace - Skull Pendant
Necklace with brown wooden beads with a silver pendant in the shape of a skull, made by XXL Hardwear
37,90 EUR
Only 34,11 EUR
Two layer chain necklace with skull
The necklace consists of two chains, one silver chain and the other is copper colored. Made by XXL Hardwear
33,90 EUR
Only 14,95 EUR
Silver Chain Necklace Buddha Charm
Silver chain link necklace with a buddha incorporated in the chain The silver plated necklace is designed and fabricated by XXL Hardwear.
39,90 EUR
Only 35,91 EUR
Boxing Glove Pendant
Rock style silver necklace with a boxing glove pendant. The necklace is designed and fabricated by XXL Hardwear
32,90 EUR
Only 29,61 EUR
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