Earrings Specials

Amulet Silver Earrings - Kiran

Silver plated ethnic talisman drop earrings, inspired by the native American style. Eye-catching jewelry piece designed and crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. 

33,90 EUR
Only 27,12 EUR
Double Oval Silver Earrings - Huecos

Long leather earrings with silver beads, accompanied by a two silver-plated oval shaped drops and a push back closure. Designed and manufactured by Ciclon

25,90 EUR
Only 23,31 EUR
Leather Earrings Ellipse - Pigeon
Leather Earrings with a turquoise bead and an ellipse pendant, connected by a leather lace. A creation of the Discola collection, crafted by the jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
26,90 EUR
Only 21,52 EUR
Color Beaded Leather Earrings - Rosalia
Long earrings with silver and color beads and a rhombus charm at the end connected by leather lace
25,95 EUR
Only 23,36 EUR
Brown rectangle crystal earrings

Silver earrings with a brown rectangle crystal Murano pendant and a lever back clip closure. Beautiful earrings crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

24,90 EUR
Only 19,95 EUR
Sphere Earrings - Different

Silver-plated hoop earrings with a circle pendant surrounding a sphere. Classy earrings of the new Collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

34,95 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Hoop and Pendant Earrings

Silver earrings with half silver rings and dangling pendant made by Ciclon jewellery

22,90 EUR
Only 16,03 EUR
Brown Triangle pendant

Silver earrings with a triangular shaped pendant with a Murano crystal

24,90 EUR
Only 19,92 EUR
E162600 - Dark Brown Ear Hangers

Silver hoop earrings with a heart shaped Murano crystal pearl

22,90 EUR
Only 18,32 EUR
Anchor Earrings ION FIZ
Silver earrings in the shape of an anchor made of silver plated metal. A creation of the fashion designer Ion Fiz and produced by  Ciclon
19,80 EUR
Only 14,90 EUR
Long Stick Earrings

Long silver stick teardrop earrings with a Murano crystal pendant

26,90 EUR
Only 21,52 EUR
Green Shell Hangers
Shell shaped earrings in a brass plated alloy, painted in a green color. Elaborated by the spanish  manufacturer XXL Hardwear
our price 23,90 EUR
Your price 21,51 EUR
savings 10%
Red Skull Earrings
Earrings in the shape of a red skull, crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer XXL Hardwear
19,90 EUR
Only 9,95 EUR
Tiger Eye Earrings
Rhodium plated earrings with an eye-catching tiger eye colored pendant
14,95 EUR
Only 9,90 EUR
Purple Skull Earrings
Earrings in the shape of a purple skull elaborated by the spanish  manufacturer XXL Hardwear
19,90 EUR
Only 9,95 EUR
Arrow Drop Pendants
Tribal syle earrings with a dangling charm pendant in the shape of an arrow, made in silver plated zamac. A creation of the spanish jewelry maker Numero 3.
39,00 EUR
Only 29,00 EUR
PM 112 - Ear Hangers Chicken Legs
Original and artistic earrings in the shape of chicken feet made of pure silver, featuring an antique optic. Ear hangers made from Porca Miseria.
69,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
PM 111 - Silver Earrings Pistols
Earrings in the shape of pistols made of pure silver, featuring an antique optic. Ear hangers made from Porca Miseria.
45,00 EUR
Only 39,00 EUR
E108 - Turquoise Pendant Earrings
Silver plated earrings and a turquoise resin pendant, in high quality with an exclusive and original design. Made by Sin Receta
27,90 EUR
Only 13,95 EUR
Waterfall Earrings Turquoise Bead

Long waterfall earrings with two strands of small silver beads, adorned with a turquoise pearl, connected by a leather lace. Silver plated earrings with posts closure made by Ciclon

28,90 EUR
Only 23,12 EUR
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