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Twin Leather Earrings

Long leather earrings composed with an array of silver-plated rings arranged one after the other. Earrings with a posts closure made by Ciclon

32,90 EUR
Only 19,74 EUR
PE 24 -  Earrings Needle Charms
49,00 EUR
Only 29,40 EUR
Curved Creople Hoop Earrings
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45,00 EUR
Only 29,00 EUR
E 95 - Purple Drop Earrings
Silver Drop Earrings with a purple resin pearl. Earrings in silver plated metal and a purple colored resin pearl. Produced by Sin Receta, an exclusive spanish jewellery brand
26,90 EUR
Only 16,14 EUR
E 6422 - Silver chandelier earrings
Silver Chandelier earrings with round charm pendants, made of slver plated zamac and with a posts closure. Crafted by Ciclon
17,90 EUR
Only 12,90 EUR
Earphone Earrings
Earrings with silver plated earphone pendants and a fish hook closure. Designed and manufactured by the jewelry company Ciclon
13,00 EUR
Only 9,90 EUR
Heart Earrings

Earrings with a heart-shaped silver charm, made in silver plated metal by Ciclon

14,95 EUR
Only 13,46 EUR
Turquoise Beads Earrings
Silver plated earrings with a heart and turquoise beads, finished with a fish hook closure. Designed and manufactured by Peccato
14,95 EUR
Only 11,95 EUR
Dangling Heart Earrings
Silver earrings in a heart shape and a swan hook closure. Made of silver plated metal crafted by Peccato.
11,95 EUR
Only 8,95 EUR
Butterfly Earrings
10,95 EUR
Only 7,95 EUR
PM 112 - Ear Hangers Chicken Legs
Original and artistic earrings in the shape of chicken feet made of pure silver, featuring an antique optic. Ear hangers made from Porca Miseria.
69,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Arrow Drop Pendants
Tribal syle earrings with a dangling charm pendant in the shape of an arrow, made in silver plated zamac. A creation of the spanish jewelry maker Numero 3.
39,00 EUR
Only 29,00 EUR
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