Men's Rings

Livit offers original men rings from jewellery designers such as UNOde50, Ciclon or XXL Hardwear. Celtic signet rings, biker rings in motorcycle style and rockstar rings give your fingers an unique look. We also carry skull rings, cool band rings, seal rings and wide rubber rings with particular silver motivs . Do'z homme rings, which are made of 925 sterling silver, round up the cool, rocky mens ring collection.
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23,20 EUR
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AN26 - Skull Ring
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our price 32,90 EUR
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R0923 - Wide Ring Flor de Lis

Wide, unisex black rubber ring with a flor de lis inlay made of sterling silver. Cool unisex ring

39,00 EUR
R0925 - Black Skull Ring

Wide, unisex black rubber ring with a skull inlay made of sterling silver, designed and crafted by D'Oz homme 

39,00 EUR
A 365
49,00 EUR
A 413

Silver-plated metal ring with an original design in a belt clasp shape

49,00 EUR
A 498

Mens silver-plated metal ring in a screw nut design from UNOde50

55,00 EUR
A 411
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59,00 EUR
PPA 96 MU - Double Alliance Ring
69,00 EUR
R0772 Silver Ring 925
69,00 EUR
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