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Spectacular and remarkable designer bracelets made by UNO de 50

UNO de 50, spain's top jewelry brand offers you a wide range of designer bracelets, from the extravagant silver link chain bracelet, mens wristbands, leather wrap, bangles to cool cuffs or Swarovski crystal bracelets.

Open Rectangle Silver Bangle - Puzzling

Silver bangle featuring a rectangular central buckle with an engraved UNO de 50 brand name. The bracelet is silver-plated metal alloy.

115,00 EUR
Silver Bracelet - Lovekeys

The love bracelet is made up of six symbolic charms: pink crystal, 3 hearts, a dragonfly and a love message tag. It is meticulously crafted by UNOde50 with an alloy of silver-plated metals. A chain and a carabiner clasp closure allows you to adapt the bracelet to the desired size. Wear this unique bracelet and become the center of attraction.

89,00 EUR
Colorful Beaded Bracelet - Metamorphosis

Bracelet with a butterfly charm as centerpiece, made of silver-plated beads, in combination with charming crystals in blueish and purplish tones that transpire a chic and fresh touch. A cool and fun jewel to wear on any occasion. Made by UNOde50

79,00 EUR
Turquoise Bracelet - Peace by Peace
Bracelet with multiple beads, which include silver-plated pearls and charms, as well as precious stones in a natural style in a turquoise color. The perfect boho chic style accessory for your daily outfits. Crafted and designed by UNOde50.
89,00 EUR
Only 71,20 EUR
Coral Bracelet - Peace by Peace
Bracelet with multiple beads, which include silver-plated pearls and charms, as well as precious stones in a natural style in a coral color. The perfect boho chic style accessory for your daily outfits. Crafted and designed by UNOde50.
89,00 EUR
Only 71,20 EUR
Rectangle Link Bracelet -  Galaxy
Silver plated chain bracelet with several small rectangle links. An original design, which you can wear to your coolest outfits. The silver plated bracelet is made by UNOde50
115,00 EUR
Only 103,50 EUR
Bracelet Crystal Medallions - My Becoming
Multi layer leather bracelet combined with silver-plated beads and three striking Swarovski crystal medallions in a grey tone. This bracelet, completely handmade, incorporates a toggle clasp with a refined style. Made by UNO de 50
149,00 EUR
White Crystal Bracelet - Mystery

Beautiful double strand bracelet,made of small square shaped beads and three geometric white crystals, mounted in silver-plated hexagonal charms. Drafted and designed by UNO de 50

115,00 EUR
4 Row Silver Bracelet - Paths

Multi layer bracelet of four leather straps combined with silver plated beads in form of geometric silver shaped pieces. This bracelet, completely handmade, is made by UNO de 50

170,00 EUR
Crystal Charm Bracelet - Doublevitality

Striking double row stretch bracelet with multiple silver-plated pearls and beads in different shapes, with eight charms of different colored crystals. A modern way to shine in your daily limelight

90,00 EUR
Silver Bar Crystal Bracelet - Delirium

Triple layered silver plated bracelet with three Indian Safire blue colored Swarovski crystals. A boho style jewel for a cool and sophisticated woman.

135,00 EUR
Amazonite Pearl Bracelet - Tight Moon

Bracelet with several rows of silver beads combined with an amazonite pearl sphere in the center, which surrounds a double moon charm. Unique and unmistakable design, characteristic of UNOde50

125,00 EUR
Silver Beaded Crystal Bracelet - Iceberg

Brown leather cord bracelet, adorned with chunky silver-plated metal beads and a button closure. Topped by a hexagon-shaped Swarovski blue/turquoise crystal. The masterpiece is made by UNOde50 in the combination of leather, silver-plated metal and Swarovski crystal.

135,00 EUR
Twin Circle Bracelet - Ohm Sweet Ohm
Double rail silver cuff bangle with a comfortable brown leather strap closure, contrasting with its main piece, made of silver plated metal. It underlines the unmistakable engraved logo of the spanish jewelry maker UNOde50
105,00 EUR
Only 73,50 EUR
Three Strand Ball Beaded Bracelet - Magnetized
Creative bracelet that combines three brown leather strands with silver plated pearl shaped beads, of which four are larger sized. A beret-style clasp rounds up this amazing wristband.
105,00 EUR
Only 94,50 EUR
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Amazing bracelet styles from UNO de 50

If you are looking for a special bracelet, here you are at the right address. UNO de 50 designs and crafts perhaps the most beautiful statement bracelets within the jewellery sector. You might argue, but looking at the entire bracelet range UNO de 50 offers. you may agree, except if you prefer a minimalistic bracelet style or look for precious metals. Go and find out yourselves, buy UNO de 50 products on Livit Jewelry Barcelona. Elevate your look with an extremely stylish and trendy bracelet.

UNO de 50 Statement bracelets

A big range of the UNO de 50 bracelet collection are multi strand leather bracelets. This is the most successful categorie consisting of truly stunning UNO de 50 Statement bracelets. Check out the wide multi layer leather bracelets with silver or colorful crystal beads. They are available in high-quality Spanish leather, in different colours and styles. Wouldn´t you like a layered rich color bracelet, in turquoise or coral color, in Mediterranean style, that shines on your brown skin? This Mediterranean inspired jewelry is available at

The tough style - Cuff Bracelets

Silver Cuff braceletsmake up another bracelet style in our collection. These are mostly rigid, with an extravant look, are bold and chunky, definately with iconic designs to spice up your outfit. Our wide cuff bracelets are more in savage style, more manly, totally different than the commercial indian silver cuff style bracelets we see on the market. Also our leather cuff wristband bracelets, made of the finest geniune leather quality, are more masculine edgy and capture the spirit of rock n roll. Some of our silver cuffs are surrounded by leather to inspire an unmistakeable and enjoyable style. We are talking about wrap bracelets, which is a big theme especially in the summer, when the arms are decorated with lots of jewellery creations.

Somewhat more delicate are our silver bangles. Silver Bangle bracelets are not as powerful and robust in size and have a style a little more unobtrusive. Silver bangles for women are often ornamented with Swarovski crystals. In our shop you will find different styles and versatile designs.

Regardless of whether you want a cuff bracelet for men or women, UNO de 50 is the brand, and Livit Jewelry Barcelona the place to get an original arm cuff bracelet.