Ciclon Bracelet Collection

Ciclon bracelets are famous for innovative designs, use of genuine materials and convey unixex appeal.

Whether avant-garde or classic, Ciclon bracelets are timeless jewelry pieces to "wear it over and over again". Ciclon jewelry is not just beautiful, but unusual in extravagancy and creativity. The Ciclon bracelet collection is huge and impresses with refined silver charm bracelets and ranges from silver bangles to sporty leather bracelets for men and women.

Infinity Amulet Bracelet - Perpetuo

Three-row brown leather bracelet, adorned with silver beads, tubes and infinity charms, which combines with crystal pendants. Handmade silver plated bracelet, designed and created by the Spanish jeweler Ciclon

47,90 EUR
Silver & Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Arcoiris

Bracelet with rounded Murano glass beads in various colors, adorned with a butterfly-shaped pendant. Bracelet made of silver plated metal, covered with a high-quality 925 silver alloy. Charming bracelet designed and manufactured by Ciclon

36,90 EUR
Ball Pearl Bracelet - Perseida

Ball pearl bracelet adorned with a star charm at each end. The T closure locks with original star-shaped closure rings. Creative and superb bracelet for any occasion made of silver plated metal, crafted by Ciclon

37,90 EUR
Leather Bracelet - Herraje

Adjustable, leather and silver-plated metal cuff bracelet with an industrial-style center piece. Captivating bracelet crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

36,90 EUR
Gold Bracelet Love Charms - Cupido

Chain Bracelet in gold plated brass, adorned with dangling cupid and love charms. Beautiful charm bracelet for every occasion. A jewel of the Cuore collection made by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

68,90 EUR
Infinity Gold Bracelet - Eterno

Leather bracelet, composed of geniune brown cords and a spiritual gold plated infinity charm in the center. A light point crystal is mounted into the infinity link.  Meaningful and inspiring wristband, created by the Ciclon jewelry manufactory.

43,90 EUR
Only 39,51 EUR
Gold Bracelet 3 Links - Infinito

Chain bracelet in gold plated brass, which consists of three infinity shaped links. Three light point crystals are mounted into the links. Bracelet made of gold plated brass, crafted by Ciclon

58,90 EUR
Double Wing Gold Bangle - Eternidad
Cuff stye bracelet in the shape of two wings and as a centerpiece the eternity sign, which carries a point of light of a Murano glass crystal. Created of gold plated metal by the spanish jewelry company Ciclon
53,90 EUR
Wide Silver Beaded Bracelet - Esencia

Bracelet with several leather strands combined with silver plated elements in the form of beads, tubes and charms. Designed and handcrafted by Ciclon

80,90 EUR
Eternity Bangle - Completo

Engaging silver bangle bracelet with an infinity amulet as the centerpiece of the jewel. A spring mechanism serves for easy opening and closure. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. The jewel is made in silver plated metal.

40,90 EUR
Only 36,81 EUR
Silver Link Bracelet - Carpe Diem
Chain bracelet composed of a rectangular links, which are engraved with the inscription "Carpe Diem". The silver plated bracelet is crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon Jewellery. 
39,90 EUR
Silver Infinity Bracelet - Interminable

Classy silver chain bracelet made of plated infinity shaped links that surround the jewel. The length is regulated with two silver hoop rings. Designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Infinity Charm Bracelet - Ilimitado

Ball pearl bracelet with dangling leaf shaped charms made of silver plated metal. Beautiful jewelry piece for every occasion. Handcrafted Silver Bracelet designed and created by the spanish jewelry maker Ciclon

34,90 EUR
Elastic Infinity Bracelet - Sin Limite

Stretch bracelet with silver-plated rounded beads and infinity shaped links that surround the jewel. Designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

29,95 EUR
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