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Ciclon bracelets are famous for innovative designs, use of materials genuine unixex appeal. Ciclon jewellery is not just beautiful, but unusual in exclusivity and creativity.
The Ciclon bracelet collection is huge and impresses with refined silver charm bracelets or silver bangles to sporty leather bracelet for men and women.

P172119 - Bracelet Turquoise Non-Transparent
Silver bangle charm bracelet with a rectangle Murano crystal bead and a spring clasp from Ciclon, that allows easy closing and opening
42,90 EUR
only 34,95 EUR
P182114 - Stretch Charm Bracelet
Attractive silver stretch bracelet with dangling pearls and multiple rings and charms dispersed around the jewel. The creative irregular beads and links are plated in 925 silver, made by Ciclon
our price 40,50 EUR
your price 36,45 EUR
P161177 - Hand Cuff Rebel

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with leather and with a rectangular engraved silver tag "Rebel". Tribute to James Dean

our price 42,90 EUR
your price 38,61 EUR
P 1816 - Chain Bracelet Ciclon
Large chain link bracelet with leather pieces at the ends. The silver plated bracelet is made with a buckle clasp and created by the spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon
32,90 EUR
only 27,90 EUR
P182131 - Oval Silver Bangle
Open silver-plated bangle bracelet with two oval charms at each of the ends. A metal fitting of the spring type facilitates its opening and adaptability.
our price 48,50 EUR
your price 43,65 EUR
Leather bracelet surrounded by silver plated buttons and an original clasp. Wristband made by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
39,00 EUR
only 29,90 EUR
P182124 - Cuff Bracelet Oval Crystal

Rigid silver cuff bracelet made of silver plated metal with embedded heart charm. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

our price 32,90 EUR
your price 29,61 EUR

Elastic bracelet made with rounded beads

our price 30,90 EUR
your price 27,81 EUR
P182102 - Wide Silver Chain Bracelet

Exclusive and eye catching chain link bracelet, crafted of sliver plated metal that creates a substantial and glamorous appearance

our price 45,50 EUR
your price 40,95 EUR
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our price 40,30 EUR
your price 36,27 EUR
P182120 - Multi Layer Bracelet
Chic Multistrand leather bracelet made of eight strands which are decorated with silver plated beads. The centerpiece is an oval shaped blue Murano crystal 
our price 71,90 EUR
your price 64,71 EUR
P161175 - Cuff Bracelet Little Bastard

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with rectangular engraved silver tag engraved tag "Little Bastard". Tribute to James Dean's car

42,90 EUR
only 29,95 EUR
P172112 - Silver Bracelet Brick Charms
Wide Silver bracelet made of a silver plated, rectangle shaped charms combined with Murano crystal charms
103,75 EUR
only 79,95 EUR
P172115 - Wide Silver Bangle
Silver bangle bracelet with a focal spring clasp design that allows it to be easily put on and taken off your wrist
our price 46,80 EUR
your price 42,12 EUR
P172126 - Multicolor Charm Bracelet

Chic Multistrand leather bracelet made of silver plated beads, combined with leather laces

our price 34,05 EUR
your price 30,65 EUR
P182158 - 3 Strand Silver Bracelet

Chic double strand bracelet made with rounded beads from Ciclon

our price 45,50 EUR
your price 40,95 EUR
P172109 - Three Tier Silver Beaded Bracelet

Multi strand silver beaded bracelet. The beads are plated in 925 silver

our price 59,80 EUR
your price 53,82 EUR
P182136 - Chain Bracelet Elliptic Charm
Bracelet made of oval shaped links covered with a high quality silver alloy, while the centerpiece of the jewel is an elliptical charm. Crafted by Ciclón
our price 27,50 EUR
your price 24,75 EUR

Silver beaded charm leather bracelet with a hook clasp

our price 33,90 EUR
your price 30,51 EUR
P182105 - Wide Leather Bracelet

Wide silver beaded leather cuff with silver pearls and an original clasp

our price 77,90 EUR
your price 70,11 EUR
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