Men's Bracelets

Here you will find a vast selection of original men bracelets. From the classic leather bracelet, leather wrap bracelet to the biker bracelet. Discover a wide range of top-bracelets, from the extravagant silver cuff bracelet, chain link bracelet, cool surfer wristbands or wide leather cuff bracelet.

Silver Ball Pearl Bracelet - Snowflake
Bracelet with an elegant chain, composed of round ball pearls of silver-plated metal. Finished with the emblematic UNO 50 padlock.
59,00 EUR
Black Bracelet

Multistrand Leather bracelet made of a silver plated irregular silver bead with reliefs

24,90 EUR
Leather Wrap Bracelet Square Studs
Double layer bracelet, made of brown leather, adorned with squared silver plated studs. A superp accessory with a casual and cool look.
59,00 EUR
Only 39,00 EUR
Large Tube Bracelet
Leather bracelet with a long tube in the center, elaborated by the spanish  manufacturer Coolskin
24,90 EUR
Leather Bracelet with Silver Bone

Silver leather cuff bracelet made of silver plated metal, coated with 10 microns. Two metal pieces are connected with leather

46,90 EUR
4 Tube Bracelet

Leather bracelet with four leather strands. Long tube details and clasp in silver-plated metal alloy.

79,00 EUR
Silver Chain Bracelet - Mini Calabrote

Anchor chain bracelet made with silver plated links in a classic chain design. Bracelet designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

36,90 EUR
Wide Leather Wristband

Genuine black leather wristband adorned with round, silver plated studs and a decorative belt clasp. Produced by the jewelry company Numero 3

89,00 EUR
Leather Striated Bracelet
Wide masculine style brown leather bracelet in a striated optic and a decorative clasp, which is made of zamac (non-allergic, nickel free) and is silver plated
32,50 EUR
Only 24,90 EUR
Wide Leather Bracelet
Casual, wide men's leather cuff bracelet with a tongue buckle in a stylish look. The wristband made b&g is made of leather and silver plated zamak (anti-allergic, nickel-free).
32,90 EUR
Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Attractive stretch bracelet with chunky silver beads  dispersed around the jewel. The creative irregular beads are plated in 925 silver, all made by Ciclon
30,90 EUR
Only 24,72 EUR
Braided Bracelet - Charm
BBraided leather bracelet, accompanied by a single cord and a silver charm in the center. Handmade by Cocotazo.
31,95 EUR
Only 27,95 EUR
Round Braided Bracelet
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19,95 EUR
Only 16,95 EUR
Mens Dark Brown Leather Bracelet
Brown men´s leather bracelet with a clasp in shape of a buckle
59,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Cognac Leather Wristband - El Marroncito
Men´s camel colored leather bracelet with an ornament band in the middle. The clasp is made of zamac, which is non-allergic, nickel free and is silver plated
59,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Hand Cuff Rebel

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with leather and with a rectangular engraved silver tag "Rebel". Tribute to James Dean

42,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Button Leather Bracelet
Leather bracelet surrounded by silver plated buttons and an original clasp. Wristband made by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
39,00 EUR
Only 29,90 EUR
Two Row Ball Beaded Leather Bracelet
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38,50 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Cuff Bracelet Little Bastard

Open, rigid silver cuff bangle with rectangular engraved silver tag engraved tag "Little Bastard". Tribute to James Dean's car

42,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Multi Layer Leather Bracelet
Wide multi strand leather bracelet with a decorative silver plated clasp. Designed and crafted by XXL Hardwear
31,90 EUR
Only 28,71 EUR
Bracelet Smooth Leather Cord
Bracelet with a rounded, smooth leather cord, adorned with a decorative belt style clasp. A superp accessory with a casual touch.
49,00 EUR
Only 34,90 EUR
Leather Bracelet Silver Center Piece
Leather bracelet with silver-plated and decorative metal piece in the center. Produced by Ciclon
31,90 EUR
Only 28,08 EUR
P 1904 - Bracelet Star Studs
Brown leather bracelet with round silver studs, which carry a star motif. Designed and produced by Ciclón
27,90 EUR
Only 19,95 EUR
7 Cord Leather Bracelet
Bracelet with seven strands of brown leather cords and a decorative silver plated clasp. Handmade by Cocotazo.
34,90 EUR
Only 24,90 EUR
Bracelet Kebab Style
Bracelet made of multiple small sliced round leather pieces, which are placed on each other. Brown leather bracelet crafted in Kebab style
19,90 EUR
4 Cord Leather Bracelet
Bracelet crafted of four strands of brown leather cords and a decorative silver plated clasp. Handmade by Cocotazo.
19,90 EUR
Leather Wristband Rhombus

Wide leather wristband with rhombus shaped silver beads and an original clasp

59,90 EUR
Only 49,90 EUR
R3530 - Mens Bracelet Cotton Thread
Mens leather bracelet with a colored cotton thread inlay in the middle. Bracelet from XXL 
34,50 EUR
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