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Bracelet Three Round Crystal Beads

Bracelet made of silver plated and colorful Murano crystal beads in turquoise. Made and designed by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

37,90 EUR
Only 26,53 EUR
Leather Bracelet with Black Crystals

Multistrand leather bracelet made of silver plated beads and an arrangement of black crystals in the center of the jewel. Made by Ciclon

46,90 EUR
Only 32,83 EUR
Stretch Bracelet
Silver stretch charm bracelet made of silver plated bars, which are surrounding the jewel. Crafted and designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
48,90 EUR
Only 29,34 EUR
Bracelet Dholki Beads
Leather bracelet made of irregular silver plated beads and an embedded turquoise Murano crystal charm. Leather bracelet designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
35,90 EUR
Only 25,13 EUR
Dangling Charm Bracelet

Chic Multi strand leather bracelet with dangling charms made of silver plated beads and Murano crystal charms. Eye-catching bracelet realizado por Ciclon

53,90 EUR
Only 32,34 EUR
Hoop Chain Bracelet - Circle

Wide bracelet with multiple silver plated chains and a hoop circle charm in the center. Designed and crafted by Ciclon

50,90 EUR
Only 35,63 EUR
Silver Bracelet Brick Charms - Glamour
Wide Silver bracelet made of a silver plated, rectangle shaped charms combined with Murano crystal charms
103,75 EUR
Open Silver Bangle - Cayo Largo

Silver bangle bracelet with a structure of in the shape of a fish tail, carrying a focal spring clasp design, which allows it to be easily put on and taken off your wrist. Made by Ciclon

39,90 EUR
Only 23,94 EUR
Bracelet Hearts - Mini Corazones

Stunning chain link bracelet with an array of silver plated hollow hearts. Bracelet adorned with heart charms, finished with a lobster clasp closure. Beautiful charm bracelet for every occasion. Una joya de la colección Cuore, diseñado y elaborado por el fabricante español de joyas Ciclon.

33,90 EUR
Only 23,73 EUR
Moon Leather Bracelet
Chic Multistrand leather bracelet with a charm in the center in the shape of a half moon. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
49,90 EUR
Only 29,94 EUR
Redish Leather Bracelet
Bracelet made of three leather cords. Two cords are red and one black. The clasp is made of zamak and is silver plated.
19,90 EUR
Only 11,94 EUR
Leather Striated Bracelet
Wide masculine style brown leather bracelet in a striated optic and a decorative clasp, which is made of zamac (non-allergic, nickel free) and is silver plated
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