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Infinity Gold Bracelet - Eterno

Leather bracelet, composed of geniune brown cords and a spiritual gold plated infinity charm in the center. A light point crystal is mounted into the infinity link.  Meaningful and inspiring wristband, created by the Ciclon jewelry manufactory.

43,90 EUR
Only 39,51 EUR
Infinity Leather Bracelet - Eterno

Leather bracelet, composed of geniune brown cords and a spiritual infinity charm in the center. A light point crystal is mounted into the infinity link. 

31,90 EUR
Only 28,71 EUR
Silver Chain Bracelet - Zaira

Chain link bracelet with silver classic hoop cable links, with dangling charms and accompanied with a silver tube as a centerpiece. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain.

47,90 EUR
Only 39,95 EUR
Keyhole Bangle - Cerradura

Original silver bangle bracelet with a chunky keyhole as the centerpiece of the jewel. A spring mechanism serves for easy opening and closure. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon. The jewel is made in silver plated metal.

44,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Colored Coin Bracelet - Nayarit

Silver chain link bracelet with five, round, dangling pendants of which two are with a colorful light point. The bracelet is engraved with aztecs symbols and finished with a high quality silver alloy

36,90 EUR
Only 33,21 EUR
Bracelet Round Pendant - Elegance

Stretch bracelet made with rounded silver plated beads and embellished with a beautiful pearl in the center. The Bracelet is designed and crafted by Ciclon

41,90 EUR
Only 37,71 EUR
Multicolor Charm Bracelet - Wangi

Leather bracelet with dangling pendants made of silver plated metal pieces and multicolor crystal charms. Cheerful jewelry piece for every occasion. Handcrafted Silver Bracelet designed and created by the spanish jewelry maker Ciclon

45,90 EUR
Only 36,72 EUR
Chain Bundle Bracelet - Miramar

Eye catching silver plated chain link bracelet, crafted with a bundle of chains and a dangling, aztec engraved silver pendant.  The opulent layering creates a substantial and glamorous appearance

40,90 EUR
Triple Chain Bracelet - Balandra

Captivating silver plated chain link bracelet, crafted with three chains of rolo links and a dangling, aztec engraved silver pendant with a light point in the center.

40,90 EUR
Only 32,72 EUR
Bracelet with square charms
Bracelet made of dark brown leather on which are multiple silver plated beads and square shaped charms are distributed. Bracelet with silver plated beads from Ciclon
40,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Chain Bracelet Murano Crystal - Batari
Silver chain link bracelet made of silver plated links combined with a colorful Murano crystal. Designed and crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
47,90 EUR
Only 38,32 EUR
Irregular Silver Link Bracelet - Inimitable

Silver hoop chain bracelet made of silver plated irregular rounded links, made by Ciclon Jewellery

32,90 EUR
Only 26,32 EUR
Bracelet Leaf Charm - Fanlo

Elastic silver beaded bracelet made with irregular beads and a silver pendant in a leaf shape. Silver plated stretch bracelet crafted and designed by Ciclon

38,90 EUR
Only 31,12 EUR
Crystal Nucleus Bracelet - Irati

Cool black leather bracelet, adorned with dark-grey greenish shimmering Murano glass crystal, in a leaf shape as the nucleus of the jewel. Leather bracelet from Ciclon

42,90 EUR
Only 34,32 EUR
Bracelet Charms & Leather

Womens multi strand leather bracelet made of multiple irregular charms and silver plated beads combined with leather laces. Wide bracelet with silver charms from Ciclon

79,90 EUR
Only 63,92 EUR
Bracelet Dangling Charms

Chain bracelet with silver-plated charms from Ciclon

56,90 EUR
Only 39,80 EUR
Open Silver Bangle - Cayo Largo

Silver bangle bracelet with a structure of in the shape of a fish tail, carrying a focal spring clasp design, which allows it to be easily put on and taken off your wrist. Made by Ciclon

39,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Bracelet Heart Shaped Silver Pearls
Double row silver pearl bracelet made with irregular rounded heart shaped beads. It is a type of silver pearl band bracelet. Designed and created by Ciclon
39,50 EUR
Only 31,60 EUR
3 Color Beaded Bracelet
Womens Bracelet with silver and color beads. Keep it cool and casual. Beautiful bracelet for every occasion.
36,90 EUR
Only 29,52 EUR
Four Tier Silver Beaded Bracelet

Multi strand silver beaded bracelet. The beads are plated in 925 silver

76,90 EUR
Only 49,90 EUR
Oval Silver Beads - Nebulosa

Stretch Bracelet with silver-plated irregular oval beads, which are dispersed around the jewel. Designed and crafted by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Only 28,71 EUR
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