unode50 anklet

Anklet is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. Mostly worn by women, but recently also men decorate their ankle. Anklets are hip and are the must-have for their boho chic or hippy style outfit.

Silver Anklet -  Symbols of Sex

Silver-plated, metal anklet consisting of a chain with charms of love and male and female symbols.

59,00 EUR
Anklet with symbol charms

Anklet chain with a thick, silver-plated metal chain from which various original charms hang: a fang, the symbol of peace…

79,00 EUR
Anklet with Fish Charms - Frizzante

Brown adjustable  leather anklet with silver-plated charms in form of fish tails and colorful handcrafted crystals.

59,00 EUR
Boho Chic Leather Anklet

Adjustable surfer anklet in brown leather. A boho chic inspired anklet that mixes silver beads and handmade crystals in striking colorful tones, such as coral, turquoise and green colors.

59,00 EUR
Jade Green Boho Style Anklet - Mrs Rani
Hindu inspired Boho style anklet, composed of small irregular silver plates, adorned with embedded jade green Swarovski crystal beads and multiple dangling ball pearls that surround the body of the anklet. This cool piece is made of silver plated metal 100% by hand in Spain. Designed and crafted by UNOde50
119,00 EUR
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