Angel callers necklaces

Angel callers serve as bearers of hope and encouragement as well as a symbol of good luck for the user. It is a symbol that fosters health and being sociable.

Angel caller necklaces, which are also called Harmony Ball necklaces are used as a sign of protection and good luck. People who use it most are expecting mothers who wear angel caller necklaces to protect the baby from negative energy. Others use it as a means to instill tranquility and to reduce stress. Last but not least, it is also seen as a popular piece of fashion jewellery.

Pill Box Necklace
Pendant with an oval-shaped 925 silver case, adorned with semi-precious stone. Includes an adjustable black cord. Fun pill box necklace to store pills or any small item
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Silver Gold Harmony Ball Necklace

Harmony ball necklace with a silver ball pendant with wings and a black cord.

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Wing Angel Caller Necklace
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